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Hello everyone.

I am having a problem figuring out how to connect the headings/titles in the navigation bar to actual pages in the Wiki.

For instance, I want my parents/students to be able to click "Second Grade Math Web sites" on the navigation bar and then be able to bring them to a page with a list of links. 

How would I go about doing this?


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Isn't the default just that?
When you create a new page - the title of your page appears at the side (which side depends on the theme you have chosen). Clicking that page title should take you to the page.
Hi Matt,
Are you asking how to get the link in the left-hand menu bar to connect with your new page for "Second Grade Math Web Sites"? Can you share your link so I can see what you're wanting to do? I'd be glad to help you. Just want to be sure I'm understanding your question.
I do believe it does this by default, but if you'd like to do something different, click on "edit navigation" beneath your sidebar, then highlight and link the text as you would normally with the editing tools.
Thanks everyone!

I do have another question - how does one add file attachments to a wiki?
Matt the help on Wikispaces is good - see attaching files for example.

There are also various tutorials around. There is a link to a tutorial by Maryna Badenhorst at the end of this page



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