I just spent one hour translating onto a Wiki page before selecting all and inadvertently wiping the entire text. NO UNDO button! My work has gone for ever as far as I can see.

If that it true, I will not be recommending to anyone ever a writing app which does not have the most important option in the universe - undo.

Woe o woe is me!

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Go to the History tab and you can select a previously saved version. If you hadn't saved it you can try Edit/Undo on your browser.
It was the first version, so nothing was saved. Can't see that option on my browser.
The thing is, kids could make this mistake so many times.
You select text to do something with it and you hit the wrong button.
But that is no problem on Word, for example. You just put it back.
That option just HAS to be there on any app that might be used for word processing. One of the most wretched things that can happen to you is losing all your work (remember this problem from the 80s before autosave/undo?)
There is no substitute for saving early and often. I teach this to my students and remind them regularly. When my kids experience this, I asked them if they had saved recently. Either they had, or they learn an important lesson.

Software is no substitute for vigilance and prudence.
You said it! But it's about 15 years since I had to save anything except when I was closing it down. Much better if kids use Wikis and THEN Word.
PBwiki has an undo button as part of their WYSIWYG editing tools.
I would try to unlearn that behavior. Stuff happens, especially when you are working in the cloud. Power can go out. Internet connections can drop. Computers crash.

Most server based software that I have worked with does not have an autosave with WordPress being a prominent exception. Undo buttons are more common, but by no means universal.
Solution: ctrl-Z :-)
Thanks to Wikispaces for info!
I take back my criticisms. But how could I have found out about that undo option more easily? Is it mentioned in the Help section? Maybe it should be.
Wikispaces should have automatically saved a draft for you while you were writing. Hopefully it will pop up and ask you if you want your draft back when you click edit again!
Try "open apple z" or control z on a PC(I think).. standard undo shortcut on almost all apps.
Thanks. That works! :->



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