I have a campus that is wanting to buy a wireless interactive tablet. We have a couple of Interactive whiteboards but I am looking for a cheaper solution. What brands do you use and what is the cost?? What are the Pros and Cons?

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I have an Interwrite pad and in my opinion it is no substitute for an interactive white board. I deal with young children and they simply can't use it. Maybe someone else can speak to the usefulness in a different setting.
love my interwrite for high school setting
with high lumens projector I can be anywhere in the room.
for me not standing in front is key
Math teachers really like being able to move about the room. Some prefer other tablets because of the software that comes with them. What about the software with the Interwrite? Texas Instruments has a nice graphing calculator emulator that works with it too. Do you hand it off to your students?
Good point. I know that it probably will not replace the IWB, but I have 3 IWB on each campus and for the cost of one more I can buy 3 tablets. So instead of 4 teachers having the technology I am at 6.

What grade level are you? Maybe this is something I should focus on with my 3rd grade and up???
Our Math teachers are Middle School and High School. The tablets make it very easy to incorporate student response systems, Geometer's Sketchpad, and United Streaming videos.
Our whole district uses Airliner tablets, some teachers use it more than others. The potential is endless, but it does seem to be more of a teacher thing than a kid thing.

I want one of those big touch screens that CNN used during the election---oh and I'll take a few holograms--wouldn't it be neat to have Lincoln or Jefferson standing in the middle of your classroom. (hopefully they can get ride of the blue hologram haze).
That would be cool. I have one high school history teacher that dreams of creating a history lab with images projected on all four walls and surround sound so the student is submerged in the lesson. Oh, to have unlimited funds...
I use a WACOM wireless pad and it wasn't cheap. The good ones (the ones that do one-to-one tracking with the pen, not just substitute as a cheap mouse) still cost a pretty penny (like $300+). I personally love it. I use it all the time for annotating my powerpoints. It is not, however, a good tool for kids. It has a steep learning curve but I couldn't live without it at this point.
The Airliner is made by WACOM and comes with the software for SMART. I like it better than the Chalkboard, the Activslate, and the Mobile Presenter. The Interwrite slate seems to have a little better control of the pen.
the wacom that I looked at came with a mouse. Is it needed?? I want to be mobile. Just a tablet and pen. The cost at 300+ is still better than 1200+ for an additional IWB.
We have 5 chalkboards at the High School campus which were bought through and for the CATE computer classes. I like them, just checking around.
I like the tools on the slate that you can click. Chalkboard does not have tools on it. Also, the software that comes with the Airliner does make a difference. You get the SMARTBoard software. That opens up many doors with the users. Interwrite does have the tools on the slate but the online resources is in the infant stage.



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