I am wondering if there is a wireless mouse that will allow more than left click, right click and point.  In other words, I want to be able to use is kind of like an Interwrite Pad or Smart Slate.  I want to be able to click on the highlighter in a Smart Notebook file and highlight or click on an object and move it.  Surely there is a gadget that allows this!

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If you have an Ipod touch there's some pretty cool aps that turn your Touch into wireless mouse with extra functionality. Not sure they'd do exactly what you want as I can't quite figure out why a mouse isn't working for you but it is worth a look
Just thinking that a classroom teacher could use this when walking around the room to control a Smartboard.
I use a bluetooth mouse on a clipboard if I want to wander around the class. The other option is something like a gyroscopic or air mouse. Hand gestures negate the need for a mouse mat, (or clipboard in my case), but they are more expensive.
Jonathan, I looked more into the air mouse and think it is just what I want! Ordered it from Amazon about $25 less! Will see! I will use it even if the teachers I have in mind are not interested, but I think it will be a great option for them instead of paying $350-$400 for the pad. Love the pad and slate, but if a teacher does not have that, they might could get the mouse. You mentioned a clipboard and blue tooth mouse. That is a great option for them as well. THANKS!
I believe you can get similar functionality with a Wiimote ($40), Bluetooth, and some free software. Here are a couple of sites that offer directions:


The wiimote works great for this in presenter mode, I use it all the time.
Here is the link to the wiimote presenter on Wiimote Project

You could look into a Wiimote Here is a link to some info http://weblogg-ed.com/2007/the-wii-as-99-smartboard/
With the iPod Touch there are a couple of Apps worth looking at. TouchMouse is a free app by Logitech. It turns your Touch into a trackpad with left and right mouse buttons. It's simple but works well. The other is Air Mouse. Not free but has many more bells and whistles. You can have your iPod as a trackpad, media remote, application launcher or a gyroscopic sort of mouse. If you don't have a touch the mouse on a clipboard os a great idea.
Thanks, I am looking at an ipod itouch. I think it could be great. I use an Interwrite Mobi and love it, but for those that cannot spend that much, I am looking for alternatives. That is why I began looking at the wireless presenters with mouse control.
Dear Jeanae,

Look for a handheld wireless mouse. These are either RF or Bluetooh gizmos that funtion as mice. Left click, right click...etc. They take a little getting used to and sell for about $40-$50.
If you see one that you are interested in, post the make and model, and I'll look it over.
Thanks, I actually ordered the Gyration Air Mouse that Jonathan suggested. I really like it, but it does so much I will have to work with it awhile to get the hang of it and learn the commands. It even had an option to buy a wireless keyboard, but I did not get the keyboard.



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