I am looking for an affordable wireless microphone that can be used to record the teacher's voice during a lesson. I currently am using Interwrite Wireless Tables to record lessons but want to also add voice to the sketches that I create. Any ideas that anyone has would be appreciated. So far I have searched online and found a Revolabs mic for almost $200 and I was hoping to find something a little less expensive.

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I've used a Bluetooth headset to do this. Like the ones used with cell phones. They will work as a microphone for a computer that has bluetooth. If the computer doesn't have bluetooth built in you can get a USB adapter pretty cheap.
I am using the Snowball Microphone by Blue. It is studio quality and very easy to use. Kids love to record since the sound is so awesome. You should be able to get one for around $150.
I like the bluetooth idea but have been avoiding having to wear a headset. The Snowball mic is great also. I have one but I'm looking to go wireless so I can be anywhere in the classroom and be heard. Thanks for the ideas so far.



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