wolframalpha.com ... "the end of human thought" .. I like it.


On twit this week they tagged it as the end of human thought, but they were just being cheeky.

What do math, chemistry, and physics teachers think of wolfram alpha?

I think it is awesome. There will be some students who employ this tool inappropriately and "cheat", but the interested students will use this to extend what they learn, and achieve new levels of learning.

What do you guys think?

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Thanks Ian,
Great application. I tried the same with malaria - not quite as neat, but still interesting.
In that case I have a favor to ask. Because it is linked to Chalkface ( a Web 0.0 book publisher), my blog gets read by a lot of teachers who are still at the discovery phase with the Web. If you have a specific teaching idea with W|A you could really help inspire them by adding it to the blog comments.
OK, consider it done!
Seen it - thanks!
This is awesome. A little late to help me with all those integrals in E&M, but a great tool for my students.



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