I am a technology specialist for a school in Houston, Texas in the United States. I work with 5th and 6th grade students and teachers. I currently have a technology club made up for students and I want them to work with other students from other places using tools such as Edmodo to collaboration on projects using web 2.0 tools in all content areas. I dont have a set lesson plan in mind - would love to create it with some ideas from other professionals that also would like their students to participate. It does not have to be the same grade levels as us - I would be willing to work with some younger or older students as well.


Hope to hear from people so we can start when school year starts (end of Aug/beginning of Sept)

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Sounds like a great idea, Jorge!  Since you're in Texas, the time difference for Hawaii may be too much. However, if it's possible to mend it asynchronously, and a group of our Gr 6-8 students can make a commitment, I would consider this endeavor.  In any event, hope you get a lot of eager participants for your project!

I would love it!!!! My kids would love it as well. I have never tried this before so I am excited to collaborate with you to put together the projects. Thanks a lot!

Great!!!! Thanks a lot - I look forward to talking about the projects.

I am sorry for not getting back to you. I am just now starting Tech Club at my campus. I will have 3 groups of 5th grade and 3 groups of 6th grade technology club. We really do not have a meeting time per say - we do a lot of online items and communicate through email and web 2.0 tools. I would love to partner each group with a school and have them do projects together using Edmodo or maybe Wiki Spaces to communicate between schools. A Skype call to start would be fun to get the groups to know each other. Let me know what you think and if you would still be interested in participating!!





I could see about creating an after school group to work with you. We would only meet once a week, so I'm not sure if you are planning something more frequent. Let me know if you are still interested.

We would only meet about once a week as well for our tech club so that would work perfectly. 

What day of the week are you thinking? Monday's wont work since we have professional development after school. We don't do a lot of clubs on Fridays, for obvious reasons. Let me know, and I'll start digging!

Actually out clubs meet on Friday before school but that is just for students that dont have computers at home. Most items are done online and if they have computers at home we can do it that way. I was thinking that we could do a video blog between the groups and then schedule a video conference at certain times of the year to have them discuss. I can make arrangements for my groups to stay after school if I have enough notice a few times a year.

What time does your school day end? We are done at 2:40, but the late bus comes at 3:30. I am in central time, so an hour ahead of you.

Hmm that might work because our kids get out at 3:50 central time so I could possibly pull them at 3:00 on certain days throughout the semester so we can collaborate and talk online.

Any ideas on if you'll have students that speak other languages? It would be awesome if they might get to collaborate in their native language. I might have some Spanish speakers, some Hmong, and maybe some kids who are in French that might be interested.

I know I will have Spanish speakers for sure. We do have a large asian population but not sure about the languages that they speak. I would have to find out after school starts.




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