I would like to do some type of virtual trench activity for my WWI unit.  I found great resources on the BBC site, but I'm looking for something more interactive.  Does anyone have ideas as to how the kids could experience the feeling of being in a trench?  I also do another type of mock trench activity, but I'm looking for something virtual.

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I would imagine it is probably too late for you to use it at this point, but I know of a site that might work for you in future school years.  This game is formatted like a "choose your own adventure" book.  It gives the kids a variety of choices which direct the storyline.  As with the actual trenches, most decisions lead to death, though.  I have used it for two years with some of my classes, and the kids have fun and seem to get the point.  I have them do a reflection activity where they place themselves in the trenches and have them think about the mental and physical toll that it would take on them.

Here is the website:



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