Hi, a teacher told me that Youtube is blocked in her school. I'm from Quebec, Canada and never heard of such a thing here.

Is it true? A majority?


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Youtube is blocked in my district. There are lots of things that are definitely not appropriate for my elementary school students, however, there are a lot of useful things there as well. I wish it were available for the teachers to use and show things that are appropriate. I have been relagated to using TeacherTube instead. It is pretty good, but I know there are tons of things that aren't available there that would be great for my class.

Raleigh, NC
Thanks for the info!
Hi Carl, Yes it is blocked in Miami, Florida.
Thanks, Berta
same situation here jeffrey. wish there was a better solution for districts. especially because when i make videos that i want to embed on my site it takes teachertube a full day to approve them where as i could put them onto you tube instantly.
In my district it is blocked for students but teachers are able to access it.
Blocked for students, staff, and admin at the site level in our students. The best part is out admin often sends us links to youtube videos on PBS/BEST so we can watch at home... :(
YouTube is also blocked for students and staff where I teach in Massachusetts.
I teach at Apollo High School in KY. We are in the rare minority of schools that permits Youtube for both teachers and students. We do have a technology use section in our student handbook that addresses acceptable technology usage for the students.
Same for me in my district in Iowa. Blocked for everyone. It would be nice for teacher use only, as I agree there is plenty that is unsuitable for elementary kids.
In my area, Youtube videos embedded in a wix website get past the ISD and district filters (found that out by accident).
Blocked for students in my elementary school (ages 3 to 12) but not for teachers.
Yes, it is blocked for students at my elementary school (which I agree with) but available to staff.

If it completely blocked at school, one way around this is to use the firefox plugin "download helper" to quickly and easily save any youtube vid to your desktop at home. Then you can show it in class from your laptop or use a flashdrive to transfer it to your school computer. You can also upload the saved vid to a site that accepts .flv format, like edublogs.tv for embedding in blogs or websites.



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