Are Robots Safe to Use for Surgery?

Nowadays, the medical field has transformed a lot. Robotics play not the last role in this transformation. They took a significant place in many medical applications. Especially important they are in surgery.

Robotics have been involved in surgery for around twenty years. The very first robot was used for brain biopsy. It was a robotic arm and the surgery was non-laparoscopic. The next robotic surgery was cholecystectomy. However, it was not until “Da Vinci” was developed when robots became important.

Robots Can Perform the Following Surgical Intrusions

Now, robots have learned to do several types of intrusions. One of their main mechanical elements is linear actuators. For example, is known to manufacture a wide range of linear actuators for the robotics. Robots are especially valued for those cases where open surgery can be replaced by minimal invasion surgery.

Laser Surgery 

Robots are widely used for performing laser surgeries. Robots are manipulated by human specialists. It can be done by using a telemanipulator when a doctor does everything as if he was performing the intrusion. These movements are transmitted to a robotic arm that performs the actual intrusion.

It is also possible to control the robot via a computer. In this case, robots can make operations that cannot be done manually.

Da Vinci System 

This is a system that has changed the medical world forever. The robot is equipped with a screen. There, all the areas are magnified where the intrusion is needed. A surgeon manipulates with mini robotic arms via a camera. This system allows performing intrusions in very small areas.

Is Robotic Surgery Safe?

Yes, this surgery type is safe. At least it is much safer than, for example, an open operation. Robots allow performing intrusions with less damage to the body, less scarring, and a shorter recovery period.

The only disadvantage of robotic surgery is rather in a human factor. Many doctors are not trained properly to manipulate robots. Other than that, robots have improved the medical field significantly. 



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