Anyone use assistive technology in a classroom from kindergarten to third grade? Or know of any appropriate assistive tech for that age?

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Hi Noelle,


Have you seen SmartEd Services' Touch Accessible Platform for Interactive Technology, TAP·it®? The assistive, learning center uses ‘intended touch’ to serve each student’s special needs.


See the adaptable workstation in action. Call 800.251.4077 to learn more. -Lindsey

Wow that looks awesome! I love how it understands the difference between a child leaning on it and tapping it. So this is something you can download on any computer? Or does it have to be on a smartboard? Thanks for the reply : )
You can use TAP·it® with any software that you can use on a computer. You're welcome! Please let me know if you need any more information.

Have a great weekend.
Awesome! Thank you, I will.

I have never seen this before! This seems like a great tool and could benefit so many individuals!

Hi Jessica,


It is! Watch Louisa's Story to see TAP·it® in action. There are other videos on the site that demonstrate how the interactive workstation can be used in various settings, for both children and adults.


Please let me know if you have any questions.


Check out the website me and my friend made for an assistive technology class!

Great website!

Some types of assistive technology that could be used for kindergarteners/first graders with disabilities may include a variety of different things.  Sitting in class may be a difficulty for some students so having some type of seating/positioning support to keep them upright in their seat may be extremely useful.  Communication devices are also beneficial in the classroom. It will allow your students to easily communicate their wants and needs to you.  It will also allow them to be able to fully participate in classroom activities and discussions.

I just saw a video on the TAPit. I have never heard of this device until recently and I thought it was very neat! Here's a few other video that I found on the TAPit as well as some information. Check it out!



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