My group had Chapter 13 about the use of official mathematical language in the classroom. We put our presentation into a power point that I have attached to this discussion. Their are tons of information and resources about how one can use everday language to define and correlate mathematical terms. Some websites and videos are listed in our presentation that will not only encourage student learning of this "foreign" language, but will captivate and engage the students. One can use this strategy to promote the correct use of official mathematical language in the classroom.

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Thank-you Heather!!!
Are there any links or resources which addresses the language of word problems? The struggle with the language of a word problem is an ever ending battle for me. They need to be able to link the language to the mathematical process. I can teach them all the algoriths, but if they can't apply them they are useless. I cannot see your links here at school, but plan to access them at home. I'll be interested to see them and maybe have the students in my class do something similar, but on a smaller scale. I'll be working on this idea with other teachers and let you know how it goes.
I struggle with finding ways to make mathematics relevant to my eighth grade students. Students asked today "When will I ever use negative exponents?" I replied that they needed to know this for Algebra next year. I also said that in their everyday life it would probably not be used. I can see using area, volume, probability, percent, etc. in their everyday life as important skills, but some concepts in math are hard to make relevant. I am interested in looking at the videos. I KNOW that making the foreign language relevant is what I need to do, but with the pressure of Westest and CSO's make me crazy.



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