People in today's society make decisions based off of information they recieve from a variety of sources.

Historians use multiple texts when they try to compile information from previous records to get an accurate portrayal of earlier life.

Mathmaticians can use their principles to create and manipulate data to help reinforce a claim, such as whether or not a budget is needed.

Teaching students to ask questions about whether or not this is a valid source. Giving students a variety of sources and monitoring which sources they use is critical.

Contextualization also used when analyzing a work in literature class.

Corraboration is needed when trying to ascertain whether a scientific claim can be repeated, or whether multiple sources agree on certain historical event.

Multiple texts could be used across different fields such as math and history. In schools in West Virginia students struggle with reading charts and graphs which could be incorperated in History my haveing students look at and interpret graphs.

Three texts seems to be a good number to give students on a given assignment. Starting with simpiler texts and building off of that

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