A Virtual Classroom is a class that is online and attended on the Computer.

The same facilities are available in a Virtual Classroom, as there is in a traditional school.

There is a teacher projected on a video, and students can share their faces and voices on the video too when given the option to speak and share.

There is an electronic whiteboard, which is interactive. Students can write, have comments added, and corrections made, and there is the option of downloading files to be read and corrected, and students and teachers can download and share photos, documents and videos, and interact in the Virtual Classroom, in exactly the same way as they can in a normal classroom.

The teacher runs the Lesson with a Power Point Presentation, followed by discussion and student activities, and follow-up activities, where students can speak, write and chatter on the open chatline, and communicate with other students also attending the class. The Lesson Plan is the Power Point Presentation, which replaces the traditional Textbook and worksheets.

Discussions and activities follow the Power Point Lesson, and students respond and interact using the whiteboard and the chatline.

Students can be from one locality, or business, or non-categorized. They can be multinational, multi aged, and can be located anywhere in the world. The common factor is their attendance in the Class of their choice.

Content Based Education provides a range of Subject matter and content that students can select as they wish, and English vocabulary and writing develops from the content of the lesson. New vocabulary introduced and new concepts to develop and expand. Learning is linked to the subject of the lesson. Students can learn English through Cooking lessons or Science. The language is the focus and the tasks lead to acquisition and development of language through listening, reading, writing and speaking.

Active English Speaking offers this International Dimension in Education. Students, friends and Parents, can study together in the privacy of their own home, and interact with other students around the world. Lessons can be repeated and revised, and are always available.

Colleges, Universities and Schools can also join the lessons, and share the Multi dimensional experience of studying in a Virtual Classroom, where the student takes responsibility for their own learning, and learns at their own pace and level of interest and ability.

Students can change classes, and subjects as they choose, and study when and where they wish, as lessons are recorded and available for revision or extension teaching, or simply for repetition and practice.

Students tools are a Computer with a microphone, earphones and web camera, (optional).

Lessons will be collated into Textbooks and made available as an E-book at the end of each 15 week Semester.

English Courses will commence at University and High School level where students already have the basic English skills of Reading and Writing, and require Speaking and Communication Skills in learning English with Writing correct English.
Beginning English Lessons will commence at a future date.

Certificates are available on the Completion of a Single Course Unit, with an attendance of a minimum of fifty Lessons, comprising one Course Unit.

For details see Activeenglishspeaking.com

Maggi Carstairs 2008

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