We are 2 middle school (Ages 12-13) technology teachers from Galloway, NJ, USA who are interested in collaborating with students in other countries.  Specifically, we’d like to set up a culture sharing blog through Edmodo.  Edmodo is an easy to use website that can be completely private and does not require student emails.  We would create a common group where students could post their experiences of life in their country.  The students could post pictures or videos in addition to writing about their country.  Furthermore, students will be able to comment on each other’s stories in the comments section.  The time commitment for this project would be 5 lessons, spread over the course of a few weeks.  This would take place from May 9-May 27, 2011.


We would like to cover several topics over the course of 5 days:


We will describe our culture using the 5 Themes of Geography that we learned about earlier this year. The themes are: Location, Place, Movement, Human-Environment Interaction, & Region.


DAY ONE - LOCATION & REGION: Set up Edmodo and create a post for today's theme.

What is the location of your residence/school? (city, state, country)

Describe the relative location of your residence /school.

In what region of your state or country are you located?


DAY TWO - PLACE: Read the posts from students in other countries, make comments, and create a new post for today's theme.

What is it like where you live?

Describe physical features you have seen in your state or country.

Describe the cultural features of your country (food, music, language, sports etc.)

What are current issues or problems in your community or country?


DAY THREE - MOVEMENT: Read the posts from students in other countries, make comments, and create a new post for today's theme.

How do people, products, and ideas move around in your country?

What types of transportation are used in your country?

How do people communicate with each other?

DAY FOUR - HUMAN ENVIRONMENT INTERACTION: Read the posts from students in other countries, make comments, and create a new post for today's theme.

How does where you live affect how you live?

Describe any environmental problems/issues in your community, state, or country.



Read the posts from students in other countries and make comments. Perhaps post a reflection about this activity.


If interested please email me at monroek@gtps.k12.nj.us

Kim Monroe


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