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Global Awareness

Started by Kelly Winchell. Last reply by Ashley Grant Aug 23, 2014. 1 Reply

The activity I selected came from the PBS site. The main idea of this unit is to introduce students to the concept of Global Awareness.  Students will learn about children their age in different…Continue

Global Awareness

Started by Erika Smith. Last reply by Ashley Grant Aug 23, 2014. 2 Replies

The activity that I chose to have my students participate was one from I found a class of 5th graders from France that was looking for another class to exchange emails with.The class from…Continue

Global Awareness

Started by Mary Grace Flowers. Last reply by David Miller Aug 20, 2014. 2 Replies

I chose to create a lesson using Epals because I wanted to center my lessons around teaching digital citizenship in the beginning of the school year. When looking for my districts AUP for teachers…Continue

Global Awareness

Started by David Miller. Last reply by Erika Smith Aug 20, 2014. 1 Reply

     I chose the ePals website because it seemed the best for finding groups who wished to communicate in a classic pen pal format. The search function made it easy to see what each instructor wanted…Continue

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Comment by Ashlynn Maloy on June 16, 2014 at 7:46pm

For the global awareness assignment I decided to use around the world by PBs Kids. The activity will be used to teach a kindergarten social studies unit. The students will learn about globes, countries, resources, and different cultures. First the students will look at globes and how to use them. Then the students will learn about different countries and how we can find them on a globe. To finish the globe section the students will create their own paper mache globe. Next the students will chose a country on the globe and learn about the resources provided from this country. To wrap up resources the students will create products given a limited amount of materials. Lastly, the students will learn about cultures from the different countries. The students will learn about their lifestyle as well holidays and how they live. After the unit the students will create a travel journal just like from the website. The travel journal will include a picture of the country, resources, as well as pictures from the culture.  The lesson is considered global awareness because the students are learning about different cultures from all over the world. The lesson is also considered global awareness because the students will be learning about the different countries and resources that are provided. The activity will be incorporated into my social studies curriculum and will last about seven weeks.


Comment by Tom DeMatteis on June 16, 2014 at 6:29pm

I chose the Newsday Journalism activity through the website to expose my English students to the journalistic style of writing by having them create an online newspaper.


My students will connect with students in Brazil to produce a newspaper focusing on the World Cup.  They will watch the games, research key facts about the results, and write up game summary articles.  The students will then use Skype to layout the newspaper together.  Prior to completing the steps necessary to produce this newspaper, my students will be required to research information on the history of the World Cup and information on the host country, Brazil. 


Students will use various web tools to connect with and communicate with students from another culture to determine who will cover which games and to edit and revise the articles. Then the two classes will Skype to work on the layout of the newspaper using the program InDesign.  Once the online World Cup newspaper has been produced, it will be shared through


Part of the curriculum at the school where I teach English is to expose the students to a wide range of writing styles during their freshman year. This global awareness assignment spurred me to explore and develop an assignment that will expose my students to the style of journalistic writing.  While exposing them to this additional style of writing, there is the added excitement of connecting with students their own age half a world away! 

Comment by Lindsey Lee Smith on April 27, 2014 at 6:52pm

For my global awareness assignment, my Kindergartner's will be working with Arthur's World Neighborhood through We will work with this website an assignment throughout the entire school year. My class will begin by watching a video from Arthur called Dear Adil, where they will learn all about pen pals. We will connect with students in a Kindergarten class in California, whose teacher is an old high school friend of mine. We will learn about different cultures through epals. We will also Skype and use VoiceThread to communicate with the students in CA. This assignment will allow the students to compare themselves to the students in CA and see the differences and similarities to our culture and theirs. We will complete these lessons during our Social Studies time in class.

Comment by Dawn Lineweaver (Penuel) on April 20, 2014 at 6:43pm

The activity I chose for my global awareness assignment was exploring different cultures using Arthur's World Neighborhood. The website I used for this was The students will begin by watching an episode from Author called Dear Adil. The students will be learning about pen pals in this episode. They will continue learning about different cultures and connect with cultures through epals. My students will also Skype with a kindergarten class in California using education Skype. Throughout this lesson I will be informing my students of global awareness through learning about different cultures and comparing similarities/differences to our cultures. This lesson will be incorporated into our social studies lessons. 

Comment by Kimberly Yancy-Jackson on April 20, 2014 at 9:36am

What activity did you select to use for your global assignment? 

The topic I chose for my global awareness lesson was “Money Around the World”. I choose this activity in order to help my students understand the value of money and what a significant role it plays in shaping the world. I used as a tool for students to collaborate with classes around the world to compare and contrast currency and discuss its appearance, value and uses.

Describe the activity?     

The activities are designed for a kindergarten or first grade class. The first few activities are designed to educate students on internet safety and the importance of being a good digital citizen. Next, the activities use 21st century skills to explore the differences and commonalities in how money looks, how it is earned, how it it spent, its value and how it effects quality of life. Using technology tools such as, students connect with other students around the world to learn about currency. Students research and locate information on the internet about currency from different regions around the world and compare and contrast them through collaboration on The activities promote understanding of how money is used globally to make purchases, its various designs, uniqueness to different regions and differences in value.

Describe how the lesson is considered global awareness?

I would consider this global awareness, because it helps students understand how issues around the world affect the environment, economical, political, cultural and social relations and it promotes understanding of differences and commonalities among people...diversity.

Describe how you incorporate that activity into your classroom? 

During this global awareness lesson, students will engaged in activities and lessons through read-alouds, discussions, internet searches, videos, graphic images, small group, whole group and global collaboration activities through and by using digital organization tools such as and

Comment by Kristin Nicole Martin on April 17, 2014 at 3:51pm

What activity did you select to use for your global assignment?

For my global assignment, I decided to take a bit of a different approach since I am in the corporate world. Even though I still created a lesson, I found it as an interesting lesson to have students explore different cultures because it could also be related in the business world. For my lesson, I had the students used the website National Geographic website to generate a photo story to explain the world in 20 seconds. I had found videos like this in the web and found them fascinating. I use the photo story application often when presenting material in meetings and thought it would be a great process to use in this lesson.

Describe the activity.

For this activity, students will research different cultures through the National Geographic website (since it is such an abundance of culture and pictures). After their research, students will need to decipher what world culture is in their eyes through the pictures they previewed. The creation of their personal photo story will stem from this research. The photo story will only be 20 seconds and display world culture in their eyes. This activity will have the students look at what stands out to them and prove to be a diverse culture throughout the world.

Describe how the lesson is considered global awareness.

Through this assignment, the students will conduct their own research of various cultures and activities that are all over the world. Primarily, students will make self-discoveries of how different cultures are very different of their own. Also, students will present cultures that they find most interesting. Through this, students will see how diverse the world is and become more globally aware of how many cultures are throughout the continent. Since the students have the opportunity to explore on their own, students will be able to learn what is most interesting to them.

Describe how you incorporate that activity into your classroom. 

This activity is part of a week long project that will give the students an opportunity to explore various cultures. With this freedom, I believe the students will receive a better understanding of the knowledge that they find because the learning is solely based on their very own research.

Comment by Jessica Pizzaia on April 17, 2014 at 11:43am

@ Laura

I also incorporated Epals into my global awareness lesson. I agree that this is a great way to encourage students to gain more knowledge about children from different cultures, and it also ties in technology! The students won't have to play the "waiting game" like we had to when we were their age, waiting for "snail mail" to bring you your next pen pal letter!

Comment by Laura Marsh on April 16, 2014 at 6:18pm

I decided to incorporate Epals into my global awareness lesson. Epals is a website that allows students to become pen pals with another student in a different country. I began my lesson by reading a story from our reading curriculum about kids around the world. The story shares the customs, lifestyle, and family responsibilities of different children around the world. My students would decide what country they would like to research from a provided list and write a quick journal entry about why they chose this country and what they hope to learn. They will begin researching in the classroom, with teacher guidance. They have been learning about internet safety in computer and library specials, so this would also be a great opportunity to discuss safe internet interactions with others.  They will research their country and fill in their information using a note-taking page with specific categories (customs, language, location, etc). They will converse with their pen pal from the country they are researching to find out any additional information about the country. The connections they make with their pen pal will help them better understand the country’s customs, traditions, and interests.  They will write a short report about their country and complete a Venn diagram comparing/contrasting themselves to their pen pal. They will present their findings to the class at the end of the three or four-week lesson.

The lesson is considered global awareness because it allows students to become aware of other cultures besides their own. They will begin to develop an appreciation for other’s values and beliefs. Moreover, they can find that differences among people can be special and unique. This lesson helps them recognize diversity by making cross-cultural connections with a pen pal. It helps open their eyes to a bigger, more complex world rather than just their understandings of a small town.

I will be incorporating this activity during social studies, although the lesson definitely entails reading, writing, and social studies. My computer, library, and reading specialist are also helping my students research their country during special times. My students are going to need a lot of support finding facts on the internet. They will have a list of safe sites to visit to speed up their research. They will need a lot of help using the keyboard and navigating sites. They have completed research assignments using the internet during specials, so they have had prior experience with the process.

Comment by Nina Esposito on April 15, 2014 at 10:31am

@Donna I really liked the information about ePals. It seems pretty user friendly. I loved how the students would be working on this project over time. They will really get a thorough understand about other countries. I liked how the project involved different learning styles and strategies. I think that will engage the students! I teach Kindergarten as well and wasn’t sure what resource to use for this project. I think a lot of times, they are aimed at the upper grades. 

Comment by Donna Smith on April 15, 2014 at 6:54am

1. What activity did you select to use for your global assignment?
I chose to use ePals to connect with students in other countries. I chose this resource because it’s a safe and reliable resource to use in the classroom. I also chose this resource because it is a great way to learn first-hand about another country without being able to visit there yourself.
2. Describe the activity.
The 3rd grade students will complete a KWL chart on things they “know” and “want to learn” about their ePals country. We will discuss proper language usage while emailing their pals and they will be assigned a pal.
Students will be working over a period of six weeks to investigate topics for discussion with their ePal and after talking with their ePal each week will create a Venn Diagram comparing their own culture with that of their pal.
During their weekly computer lab time, students will have monitored conversations with their pals. Students will be urged to investigate as much information about them and their culture as possible including, but not limited to schooling, quality of life, social issues, government, foods they eat, what they wear, families, etc. Their weekly Venn diagrams will be checked for six weeks. At the end of the six weeks, the students will review all of their findings and create a final project on what they have learned. At the end of eight weeks the students will be required to present their findings to the class. Students will also write a reflection piece that explains their feelings about communicating over the internet to find out information about another country.
3. Describe how the lesson is considered global awareness.
This lesson is considered global awareness because my students have never experience talking with someone who lives in another country. It is important that students begin to understand that there is more to the world than where they live. Getting them to communicate with someone from another country to learn about their culture is a great start to becoming globally aware.
4. Describe how you incorporate that activity into your classroom.
Since I teach kindergarten this was a make believe assignment for me. I would however incorporate this lesson into a social studies curriculum and use weekly computer lab time to have students conduct research for topics and email their pal. I would use this for their unit on that briefly discusses other countries. There is discussion about culture, trading, etc.


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