Future of Education

From VR traveling to an Artificial Intelligence, these technologies are worth paying attention to this year:

1) Artificial intelligence.

AI didn't make any crazy waves like science fiction authors predicted. But step by step it brings changes in everything we do.

One of the good examples of implementing AI is grading. First of all, it saves a lot of teacher's time. Also, it doesn't have an energy level and can't get tired and make a mistake.

People say, AI may never be able to replace human grading but it's getting pretty close.

One more good example is writing help. There are plenty of apps like Grammarly or Hemingway which have a huge database of grammar and speaking rules. While a student is writing his essay an app highlight his mistakes and proposes a better sentence's structure or which time it is better to use.

2) Distance Learning using augmented reality.

Everyone on this planet has the right to get a proper education. Unfortunately, there are many countries with a low economic level and a low level of education as well. Young people from those countries can't afford to travel. Therefore, studying at universities is expensive. There were different kinds of internships and international educational programmes to solve this problem but it didn't help even 5% of people from those countries to get their diplomas.

Recently, many universities started a trend of implementing augmented reality.

Poor districts are presented with VR glasses which let young students be present at lectures in the USA, England, Germany without a necessity to book a ticket and fly there.

3) Standardization in EdTech

“Our main challenge is building powerful, interoperable digital ecosystems where developing standards, information, and structured data can be processed on a larger scale.“ - Jannie Jeppesen, CEO, Swedish EdTech Industry.

Neil O’Toole from the organization EDvisor Finland has developed a quality assurance framework that prepares companies for the Kokoa Standard. Finnish pedagogy provides sound methods to integrate technology with everyday classroom practice, something EDvisor Finland views as critical to the future of EdTech.


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