As you work online you become dependent on certain e-learning tools. Here's my top 10 list of tools I've come to depend on. (Each is a single search keyword, so no urls for this post.)

Firefox (with & FireFTP plugins)

WordPress (I like Blogger, but WordPress is where the action is.) (Social Bookmarking has may conventional bookmarking a dim memory)

Gmail (all of my email is forwarded to Gmail so I can search one large archive of correspondence. I've kicked my Eudora habit.)

Moodle (The more I teach with Moodle the better I like it.)

Fireworks (I do all of my graphics with Fireworks. Great for optimizing a clear small graphic.

Dreamweaver (Sometimes frustrating but powerful, DW is the one I know best.)

Google Reader (Makes RSS feeds easy to organize.)

Cclearner (I can't keep Win XP pro running right witout it.)

Spybot Search and Destroy (Best for zapping spyware that I know.)

So these are my top 10, what about yours?

Dennis In San Marcos

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Andrew, the free phone conferencing is very useful. I've used Skype for sometime. A few years ago I was able to video chat with my kids while they were in Ireland and France. It's gotten better with time. You do want to set the privacy options to just your approved contacts (or you can get some strange calls or chat messages). Still, it's a robust way to use the net as a phone system.

Hi Dennis:
I use most of the tools you mentioned plus a very handy white board application called that has shared control, no download, audio (voip) file creation and emailing and a lot more. I wanted an easy collaboration tool for mindmapping for groups with no training on the more complex tools like CMaptools or Mindmiester. The learning curve is short.

I also use the gmail audio/video work colleagues started to usse it recently and we find we are getting good at instant contact when we work away from the office.
Patrick, thanks for the scriblink recommendation. I gave it a whirl and I'm impressed by the features and the ease of use. It's intuitive, and offers a rich, focused toolset. For whiteboard brainstorming this looks like a winner. Have you tried it with the voip? I wonder how skype & scriblink would deal with each other.

I recently worked out on: Twiddla offers whiteboard with screen sharing, and webpage markup. It's flash based and has a nerdy wow factor. It offers more tools and services, which can be useful if you need them. Lots of widgets, site embed tools. It has a high 'fun fool around factor". 8-)

Thanks for the lead!

Interesting.I use half of these...must learn Dreamweaver this year..and find out what Fireworks is

I use Toni Easy Cleaner, a free tool for cleaning and its been fantastic, as well as Registry Cleaner...another top and easy helper.

I get grahics from Graphic Animation which is an awesome site, and use Typepad which is an awesome Blog tool
I love Irfanview for photo manipulation and fixing...and highly recommend it for quick photo work.
I like Moodle and Snagit.

The RSS feeds reader what I use is RSS Reader.

The eLearning authoring tools what I use is Wondershare Rapid E-Learning Suite.

Gmail is what I like, but not Firefox, it's so slow on my computer, I'm using Maxhton.

Welcome for your suggestions!

Happy New Year!
My favoriate elearning tools are:
280slides - a notable online replacement for desktop presentation apps.
Zoho Show - online presentation program allows users to create presentations.
PPT2Flash - lets non-technical users create high-impact Flash presentations and eLearning courses from PowerPoint with rich media, quizzes and simulations.
ScreenToaster - free online screen recorder.
Hot Potatoes - create interactive web-based activities for self-assessment purposes, ree of charge for publicly funded, non-profit, educational users.
WiZiQ - free online e-teaching and e-learning virtual classroom
Moodle - open source course management system.
Google Reader
Hi there Dennis - I am a head teacher of a UK based online school - we hold everything within an Oracle database and use Elluminate as our classroom. So Elluminate gets my vote as one of your top 10!
But I have a question for you and colleagues here as well - my students (all 900 of the lovelies) are dead keen on creating out own social networking site. The issue I have is that I need a site that I can put in "filters" to or one that "moderates" itself. I don't have time to organise one of our teachers to talk control of that. So any suggestions? I'm concerned as all of my students could be classed as "vulnerable" and whilst I appreciate that they are all probably wandering around chat rooms and other social networking sites - if I badge one with my school - it's got to be safe and keep them safe! Suggestions please!
Eillen, social networking and school filters are contradictory concepts.

Still, if we live in the real world the contradictions ne
With this in mind here are some thoughts and resources.

1. This section of my Virtual Classroom Wiki deals with authorized use policies in a web 2.0 world. You'll find some good resources for creating a culture of responsibility when using the Internet in the classroom.

2. Moodle+Elgg Moodle provides the walled garden where you can protect students. Elgg provides the social networking tools that enhance Moodle's already rich toolset.

These suggestions just scratch the surface of the topic. If we get some action on this topic, I'll move shift things to an independent forum.

Some of these have been listed but thought I'd echo to the list plus add a few more of my favorites:



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