I'm having a hard time finding e-learning/distance education opportunities. I've taken my fair share of these classes, but I can't seem to dig up any listings for adjunct positions. Is there a place where these types of jobs are posted, or is it more of a back-channel, networking thing?


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Hi Mac,

You might try www.indeed.com and/or registering as an Associate Member (free) with the elearning guild (I've had no luck here but have not actively pursued a position either).

Also, I registering and building a network through www.linkedin.com

Good luck!
Hi Mac:

You pose a question that I pondered some time ago and concluded that searching for online teaching jobs is like looking for any type of employment.......you need to network, reach out to personal contacts, ask for referrals from people who are doing what you want to do, make the cold calls that everyone dreads making and asking for a brief "information Interviews" in person or by phone from the type of people who do hire into the positions you are interested in.

And of course you have to have some bona fides in the subject matter you want to teach.

Just waiting for a job ad to appear isn't a useful strategy. Chances are the job has already been filled and publishing an ad is often just a procedural matter. Having said that, there sites that cater to assist Adjunct position seekers such as:



It is easier than you think to network, but it does take initiative and frankly some courage for the less extraverted. People are flattered you want their opinion and you distinguish yourself from the paper resumes that flood institutions daily. This is a whole specialized field of endeavor but I hope this little suggestion will encourage you to keep trying.

Good Luck
Mac, Thanks for asking a great question. Thanks also to the folks chiming in on this topic. Sharing resources is what it is all about!

A sure ticket to e-learning work is the right combination of subject matter expertise and online teaching experience. If you combine those attributes with a strong network of colleagues you'll often hear about work before it's posted to the general public.

Most of the work I get comes from this network, rather than the cold call/resume route. That said, my first online teaching work with Connected University came from answering an ad!

I've been tracing and posting any e-learning jobs I come across on my E-Learning and Online Teaching blog. Here's the link to all the jobs I've posted: http://doconnor.edublogs.org/category/e-learning-jobs/

Dennis (In San Diego)
Here are some jobs I found using Ellen's Indeed.com recommendation (Query: e-learning)
Google is hiring! http://www.google.com/support/jobs/bin/answer.py?answer=36531&s...

University of Illinois Global Campus
Virtual E-Learning Instructors: http://www.adjunctopia.com/search/opportunities/o_detail.asp?id=129...

Online instructors: School of Design: http://www.nevadajobnetwork.com/jobs.asp?pagemode=15&jid=1088860
Mac, once you get started the network aspect really takes over. Still you have to get those first jobs to establish your credibility and build experience. It's the old chicken and egg deal.

I'm always looking for listings for online work. I share them on my blog. Here's the link with the appropriate tag: http://doconnor.edublogs.org/category/e-learning-jobs/

At the moment there's quite a demand in Virtual High Schools for the folks who have the combo of subject matter experience, teaching credentials, and e-learning training.

Hope this helps!
Check out www.connectionsacademy.com/about/employment.asp - always looking for great K-12 online teachers!
I've just updated my blog!

I've been tracing and posting any e-learning jobs I come across on my E-Learning and Online Teaching blog. Here's the link to all the jobs I've posted: http://doconnor.edublogs.org/category/e-learning-jobs/

I added new leads on executive potions in E-learning on October 2, 2008. You'll also find many fresh k-12 e-learning job leads. The keys is having the right combination of subject matter expertise and online teaching experience. An online multimedia portfolio helps too!

Daves eslcafe is where I find most of my jobs...also seek..and my suggestion is to place a free ad offering your services and what you can do...



I agree..its very difficult to find a specific E-learning job opportunity...I am currently trying to create one in my own workplace...that is another option
How about Jobs for Language Teachers? Would you?
I'm not quite sure what you're asking. I can point you, and other readers of this thread to a new resource for online teaching jobs: Online-Adjunct Jobs This is a very active blog at the moment and they are putting up a lot of fresh content. Most links lead to a community college or 4 year college website. You then have to drill down into the individual site's databases to find the jobs and the application process.

You'll find a link to this site on my E-learning and Online Teaching Blog as well. Here's a link to the jobs section:

hi mac

you need to apply to companies directly too on my blog www.teacherswallet.com you will get the list of companies you could approach. Also check out how you get into your own venture develop content and then you could sell it there are numerous possiblities you need to open your mind to them .Read on the opportunities available you could get into them till and continue with your job hunt.



Join the NING group for online and adjunct teaching.



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