I'm having a hard time finding e-learning/distance education opportunities. I've taken my fair share of these classes, but I can't seem to dig up any listings for adjunct positions. Is there a place where these types of jobs are posted, or is it more of a back-channel, networking thing?


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Where's a good place to find accredited online universities? Most accredited universities seem to only offer the occasional distance learning course and still want to funnel most of their business through the doors and into physical classrooms. (looking to upgrade a few things)

Better results through elearning
is a website that provides referrals to accredited universities including full degree programs
GetEducated.com offers a free posting service for employers looking for distance learning adjuncts and experts and posts free "talent available" ads for people who want to be hired to teach online. JOBs are posted each week on the site and in the free weekly newsletter. Try: http://www.geteducated.com -- bottom middle of page Teacher Resource center.

Join the Ning site for online and adjunct teaching.
Finding E-Learning Jobs

This topic remains an 'ever-green'. Given the economy and a teacher's perpetual need to work more than one job to stay afloat, I know that folks with the skill set are anxious and interested in how to find online work.

One of my duties (and obligations) as the program advisor for the E-Learning and Online Teaching Graduate Certificate at UW-Stout is to help folks find work. I recently sent out a newsletter to our students that details my best thinking about how to find e-learning jobs. You'll now find that article on my E-Learning Online Blog: http://wiredinstructor2.blogspot.com/2009/05/finding-e-learning-job...

I hope this helps! There's a great energy flowing now in online education. K-12 Schools, Community Colleges, and Universities are waking up the fact that online teaching and learning are here to stay. With quality online teachers, e-learning beats the socks of of many face to face teaching experiences. It all comes down to quality instruction: face to face or online a teacher who knows their craft and sustains the passion for teaching and learning makes a great difference in any classroom.

Hope this article helps everyone find their way to what they seek.

Dennis (Back on San Diego after an invigorating trip to NECC 2009 in Washington DC.)
Hi Mac

There are quit a lot opportunities for online education. Even many well reputed universities are offering online courses. And have such an online degree is as well a great start for many job openings. I had already some good experiences with executive job openings with an online degree.
Hi Mac,

GetEducated.com has a free job board that lists both colleges looking to hire online teachers (adjuncts) and online teachers looking to freelance and find distance learning teaching contracts. There is also a Guide to Becoming an Online Teacher -- pay and salary rates. Here are the URLs. Guide to Teaching Online Courses; http://www.geteducated.com/teaching-online-courses -- IF you are an adjunct or teaching available to teach online: http://www.geteducated.com/online-education-jobs/teachers-available -- Schools looking to hire distance learning adjuncts or site specialists in ed tech and -- http://www.geteducated.com/online-education-jobs/positions-available

These resources are mostly for college level teaching but there are some K-12 and tutoring positions posted also.
Good luck!

Vicky Phillips



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