Both wikis and blogs provide teachers with a a dynamic process for integrating Web 2.0 technology in their science and math classes. These two types of online tools offer students a more engaging process for learning.

Both are relatively easy tools which do not require teachers or students to learn any special program tools or computer skills. Their uses and applications are only limited by the vision and purpose for
helping students learn.

Wiki or Blog: Which is Better?

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I'd agree with Merle,
I'm attempting to build a network of ex-students on ning (perhaps migrating to before we have to pay!!).
A blog (for esl students) is an excellent way for them to practise their writing and reading.
With a wiki their is the benefit of peer correction, but when using a blog I think the fact the students have 'possession' of their work is more effective.
As Merle says, it depends on how you want to use it. My students are learning English... for a science or math class it is of course different.
I agree, I'm not sure this should is an either or question. I've used both with my middle school students. As we move into the 2010-11 year we will be expanding the use of a variety of web based tools including Google Apps for Education, blogs (authored by students), wikis and online student portfolios. My students in particular like taking online tests because they get instant feedback.
Can you describe a bit more the collaboration process with the students?
In particular, how do you send them the online tests? through email?
How do they get the instant feedback? Is the form containing answers?
Do the students talk or collaborate with each other?
Could you describe how you've done online student portfolios? This is an idea I'm really wanting to use this year, but haven't decided how best to do it. Have you had success with it?
yeah, me too!
update on my blog/wiki/portfolio

Stars Community Science Portal

I put the weekly concept topic on the blog, have a parent page, student page, and link to the student portfolios (they're out on wikispaces).

Our first project is a glogster (online poster)
I wrote the assignment page for the project on TR Workbench
and finally, I used Rubistar to write my rubric.

what do ya think? critiques are greatly appreciated.

I agree that it depends how you're using it, I think for a project, it's best to use wiki where all the students can collaborate together on the same page.  I use blogs for student portfolios where I could collaborate with parents and other educators or specialists, which is easier to read as you'll know who saids what.  And I could always add 'pages' as a wiki.



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