I will be presenting a session at a Smartboard workshop in a few weeks and my focus is using the Smartboard to enhance reading instruction. As reading teachers (experts) I would love to have your input on what lessons, activities or strategies you think would work well with an interactive whiteboard. If you have Notebook files you would like to share I would love to include them and credit your work. Thanks in advance.

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Of course you MUST share the PLETHORA of sites out there, including the "SMART Board Revolution" ning at http://smartboardrevolution.ning.com/ and the "Teachers Love Smartboards" blog at http://smartboards.typepad.com/ .
We would love it if you would share any links to slideshows, wikis, blogs, etc. that you create for this presentation.

Best wishes!
I believe it would be a wonderful lesson/method to use a Smart Board with Kidspiration. I envision have coop groups do research and then present their findings to the whole through Kidspiration using Smart Board. I nmy second grade the students learn about history and the time period of Native people in the US. There are four sections on a two spread page that are rich with info if read and dissect by learners. This would be a time for them to learn that concepts of comparing transportation, foods and sources, use of animals and plants, meeting needs for shelter, etc. They would also have to use presentation skills while working in a group. I have only done this lesson with paper and pencil since we do not yet have a Smart Board. Kidspiration and a data projector are on the list for this coming year.
Thanks for the wonderful idea. Our 2nd graders also study Native Americans and Kidspiration and the SMARTboard would be an excellent way for students to visually see and share this information.
Hope you get a SMARTboard soon! Have a wonderful year!
I have not used Kidspiration on my SMARTboard yet. I will try it on Monday. Thank you for sharing this information.
Just my two cents, but I can't stand Smartboards. In my experience lessons take tons of time to prepare, and are nothing more than dog and pony shows when you finish. I personally get a lot more mileage from a good book.



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