As many of us get into summer mode, and thus have a little time to reflect,  I'm wondering what you did differently this past year that worked well? What new thing did you try? How did your kids surprise  you? And, if you are brave, what did not work out so well?   Also, I'm searching for a NEW professional book to read this summer and would love your suggestions. 


Looking forward to hearing from everyone! Please remember that as a good friend of mine always says, "Together we are smarter." Please, do share!




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This year I had a very challenging student in my class. I think a lot of people had already given up on him. I learned so much from working with him that I feel grateful to have been his teacher even though he taught me so much more than I could have ever imagined. I now have a different perspective about how to work with children who may have similar behavior issues. At the height of my frustration I remembered the power of kidwatching (Yetta Goodman): stepping back, assessing a situation, analyzing it, and taking action. I will miss this child next year.
THOSE students are good reminders of why we teach!

I've heard of Y.Goodman. If I remember correctly, isn't she Australian? Do you have more info/links/articles to share from her research?

Thanks for sharing!
Hi Michelle,
Yetta Goodman is American. She has written a lot about kidwatching and miscue analysis. If you google miscue analysis or kidwatching you're likely to get a few hits. I don't have titles of her books handy at the moment but if you would like me to post these, let me know and I will make up a list.
Ah, yes! I googled her name and found this website:
I'm SURE I visited that site through grad studies at some point. That's why the name sounded familier!

Here's a link to her "Kidwatching" book from Amazon.

Thanks, Elisa!
For second grade, I used the Stephanie Harvey toolkit for the first time! My students became reflective, comprehension specialists! The kit includes six books how to further students' thinking as they read to better their reading comprehension. My students really know how to read and comprehend information, much better than ever before! The students are making connections out loud and independently as I now read to them and they read on their own. It doesn't get any better than this!!!!!!
I've heard so many good things about the "Comprehension Toolkit"! For those of you who wish to know, it's published by Heineman and you can see some samples online if you go to their website ( and type in "Comprehension Toolkit" in the search box.

Had you done strategy instruction before, or was this your first experience with those core comprehension strategies?
I have used Debby Miller strategies, and strategies I have known for years. This is definitely the MOST comprehensive program, and the books suggested by Stephanie Harvey can be replaced by books you already use in science and social studies to integrate your curriculum, which is my specialty. I want to use this toolkit and consult with school systems how to integrate established curriculums. I want to model what I know with the slideshows I have prepared with my own first and second grade students. I will be retiring at the end of next year, so if you know of any opportunities where I can teach teachers, let me know!



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