I would love to know what websites, resources or manipulatives you find useful in your classroom. Some that I find helpful are:


www.Gapminder.org is a website with a lot of world statistics. I use to demostrate graphs, line of best fit, correlation coefficient, and stats.

www.ExploreLearning.com has a large collection of visually and interactive demostrations of math and science concepts. Students can play with the various components and see what affect it has on the results.

www.keepvid.com is an easy way to download and save online videos (like from uTube). Very simple. Saves in flash and meg-4 formats and even helps you convert to other formats.


I teach a lot of nontraditional learners. So I need to do things very visually. BestQuest created an animated classroom that visually demonstrates algebra. They are segmented by topics for easy access and alignment to any textbook. You can see a sample lesson at www.bestquest.com

FTC Publishing has several preprogrammed and fully customizable games for both PowerPoint and iBoards. There are free downloads on their website so you can demo their products: www.ftcpublishing.com

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You're welcome. I find it helpful too.



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