There're several places for people to discuss technologies and content learning on Classroom 2.0, but I couldn't find much mention of Google. A colleague got me hooked of Google just this past spring, and I am amazed at how much it changes. Everyday there's a new tool or new button that just pops up.

I teach high school & community college, and we use Google to share calendars, share documents (for submitting to sharing group papers), chat between students and teachers, groups for discussions on any subject, etc...

My college composition courses are COMPLETELY through Google now :)
So how do you use Google for your classes?

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I am teaching in a 4th/5th grade classroom while also finishing my teacher certification. So far I have seen my students use Google as a search engine only but I know it can do more. I am especially interested in learning its mystical powers ;) because it is one of the few sites that is not blocked by the district.
I want to learn about google beyond the search engine too. First I'm going to investigate google groups. Devon, is that what you use to chat between students and teachers +/or groups for discussions?
I am using Google Apps, a colection of Google Tools, in my classroom. I teach at a public technical high school and I have a one-to-one computer to student ratio. I use Gmail, Talk, Calendar, and all the Google Docs.

I have the web browser home page set to http:\\\ and the computers are scheduled to start the browser at login.

Instead of writing the days announcements, assignments and reminders on the white board, I use a shared document to advise the students of the day’s expectations. The calendar is great to let the students and parents know of upcoming activities. I have the students research topics and create a presentation which they then present to the class. To turn these in, they simply share them with me. I then comment directly on the presentation as feedback to the students. I have used the spreadsheet as a sign-up sheet.

I use Talk in class to take roll, as the students login and while online, their icon turns green. I also use Talk in class to allow students access to me without interrupting all other students. Some students are more willing to ask a question if they feel more anonymity and less observed by their peers.

I had occasion to attend a conference while a substitute teacher looked after the class. I took the opportunity to check in on the class, I was able to answer a couple questions and provide some motivation for the students to be productive while I was out of the classroom. It was almost like I was still there watching them.
I'm a High School Science teacher; our school has started a 1 to 1 laptop program and I am just now getting into using the google apps in class. Does anyone know how I should put google calendar into the website I have now?
It sounds like you want to import an existing calendar. Calendar only supports imports from Apple iCal v2.0 currently. If you go to the Calendar in Google, select Help, there are a couple of articles. Good luck.

If you would like to see my implementation, go to: Login as guest, pw = guestpass. Let me know what you think. I'm working on my masters project which will include a publication in a scholarly journal. Your feed back would be much appreciated.
I kiked your site, but I couldn't get anything to pop up on the calendar
You must click on the text title "Calendar" which opens another page or tab. If you click on the calendar, nothing comes up. Let me know.
I had my students create a comic book manual that goes over many (not all) of the services a Google account will make available for you.



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