I created a website for people to critique my one minute video that i plan on using to apply to the Google Teacher Academy. Please offer your insight either on my website's blog or here in this discussion.



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Hi Grant,
Well I just finished reviewing your video for the Google Academy. I purposely reviewed this video several times to get the message you wanted to send to the audience. I have previewed other educational videos, books, CDs, from time to time.
I really liked the introduction I thought it showed creativity. I really wanted to see your face, once I heard your voice. I am a visual learner.. so the images you selected showing children soicalizing in various ways worked really well. However, I still looked for the face behind the voice. Perhaps at the end you might want to give the audience a two or three second glimpse of you the author of this video.
I also didn't quite catch the tie- in for the technology connections immediately. On my second run at the video, this is when I noticed the smaller frame on the left hand side. My eyes immediately concentrated on the larger visual images, with little or no congnitive recognition of what was in the smaller left hand side. So there needs to be a visual correlation between the larger images that would then direct the eyes towards the smaller frame. Perhaps the smaller image appearing on the larger frame or vice versa; from children oudoors to children on laptops in smaller frame. What they learn outdoors socially, children can bring indoors through laptops, cellphones, digital cameras, etc. Overall I really liked your video and wish you all the best.



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