I am curious about how to get a professional network going within our school, I think we will start with teachers and then add parents and students hopefully. I want people to find value in this tool for the communication aspects and as a way for us to take leaning to a different level that is outside the walls of a classroom. If it is too hard for them to use it will be a waste of time and energy, but if they could begin to grow and use technology more effectively I think it would be good for our school.
How can I make this work and work right?

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Those are good questions. You'd basically be a pioneer if you did this. Is there support amongst faculty? What topics could you explore together.... what projects or investigations come to mind? I don't think the "difficulty" hurdle is the main one, it's more likely to be whether you can recruit leadership that will be positive, supportive, and nurturing. It's also about finding things to discuss and/or work on that focus everyone towards growth and the common good. Let's stay in touch as you move along--
Please share more about what you're thinking.
Hi Connie, It has been a couple months. We have the network going with teachers only, and it is not very active. I am trying to get teachers to utilize more, but we just aren't getting into it. We are going to be implementing some science curriculum for next year that deals with alternative energy sources, and I think it may be a good way for our science teachers to get networking. I am toying with the thought of allowing our 7th and 8th graders access to the netwrok or maybe creating a network for the teachers and students. I just think the teachers need to see some value in the idea. We do have a 7th grade project going where students are posting videos to YouTube for SAT vocabulary. Somehow I just wish we could get a fire going here to get teachers utilizing more technology.



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