Hi. I teach Japanese as a second language to students in Grade 8-12 here in Australia. 99% have no previous - ie primary school - exposure to Japanese (they get taught German badly IMHO). Interested to share and hear others stories, methods, resources..

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Hi Michael. I am in a similar situation to you. I teach 7-12 Japanese in NSW (Australia) and am also keen to share ideas; particularly in using web2.0, etc...

I have only recently immersed myself in the cyber world of web2.0 and beyond but I know there is huge potential out there. As a result, I'm keen to share ideas...



Nice to hear from you. I've been working hard on integrating Web 2.0 applications for non Japanese courses (mroneill.stikipad.com) -- but not yet Japanese. happy to chat and share resources and ideas.

Have you heard of voiceboard?

There has been some discussion on using this type of software for the web 2 version of the Language Lab -- an "e-Lab".


I don't think I have heard of voiceboard before. Recently I am suffering a little from information overload and am slowly working my way through each of the tools I have come across to try and work out how they could be applied in the classroom. I had a brief look at your link, though hope to have a better look at some stage. It looks quite good.

Currently I am looking at how I can incorporate things like podcasting, voiki, animoto, wikis and so on into my classes. In the junior years it is the perfect time of year to try all this in order to try to engage the students. Many will not study language next year and so in their minds it will be all over after the yearly exams. I am in the lucky position of being at a laptop school - where all students have access to a laptop; though it does get frustrating when things are blocked (on their laptops).


Do you know about any on line programs our students could join in a webinar/extension learning of Japanese? We can't fund a section or find someone qualified to hire for only one period, but would love to have some kind of after school enrichment for our JHS students.
Thanks for any info.
Kelly, No I don't -- but I'll have a look around. To be clear though, you want online activity in Japanese for your kids to utilize? Have you seen http://www.digitaldialects.com/ or http://easyjapanese.org/?



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