Hi everyone! I thought it would be nice to hear from the librarians and media-specialists (or those who are still in school) out there in Classroom 2.0.

Please introduce yourself!

I am Rhonda Crim-Tumelson, graduate student at the University of Alabama. I am planing a career in private schools; hopefully in California.

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I am Lo Claesson, County Library of Jönköping, Sweden. I am a library consultant for children, youth and school services. We have just started a project with two classes (1st and 4th grade) and the local public library. The pupils will be using webb 2.0, but first we will be going to teach the librarian and teachers how to do it.
Wow!!! How exciting! Do you have a web site? I would LOVE to see what kinds of things you are doing with the children (and adults). Is Sweden as wonderful as everyone says? I have never had the pleasure of visiting. Is there a strong public library system?
Yes I have a website, but it's in Swedish. Maybe in summer I will have some time to translate parts of it.
Sweden is a very beautiful country, with right of common access to nature.
I would not say we have a very strong public system. The libraries are tax financed, but depending on the politicians' arbritariness. Though we have got a Library Law that says that loans should be free of charge and that there must be at least one library in each community. But I wish we had a national library policy and that the regional libraries had a national comission towards the public libraries. Now each community have a right of self-determination in such matters.
My name is Carolyn Romspert and I am the Media Specialist at a K - 6 school which will have PK in the fall.

I hope to introduce my studnets to blogs and wiki's in the fall.
Hi Carolyn! Are you going to ALA next month? We are using it as an excuse for a family vacation!
I know the feeling. Sometimes I feel like I am trying to steer a sinking ship. But change is hard, right? For some teachers, at least. For others, they see a good idea or new tool and dive right in to it. I am trying to focus on the few who DO want to take a risk. Maybe the example these pioneers show will speak louder than the nay-sayers. Don't give up, Edi! Do what you do because you know it is the right thing to do!
Hi Rhonda and everyone,

I am Tracy Poelzer, a Teacher-Librarian at Parkcrest Elementary School in Kamloops, BC Canada. I am also a M.Ed. student (Teacher-Librarianship through Distance Learning) at the University of Alberta. I think the school library program provides a natural link to the use of technology as a tool for teaching and learning. My school is going completely Open Source (Linux Server), so more and more we are depending on web-based applications. This looks like a great place to learn! I look forward to hearing your ideas.
Hi Tracy! Welcome to the Group. I have traveled to Canada once, and it was lovely. What are the public schools like there? Very much the same as the US? Do you like the distance learning program?
Hello in here!

I am Leslie Witten, a teacher-librarian for a k-8 catholic school in Los Angeles, California. I am so happy to find this group! This group embodies my professional existence: directing a school library while trying to promote 21st century learning tools and skills to teachers.

My first question: who is using web 2.0 in their library and what strategies are working for you?
Hello. I'm a Library Media Specialist in rual central Missouri. I have about 107 students K-8. Most of the teachers have been at this school for years and are scared of technology. Most have smart boards but don't use them. After attending a conference where Web 2.0 was spoken about a lot I thought that if we could get one teacher to take the technology ball and run with it, it would inspire the others. Since I am very separate from the teacher this appears to be the best way. So this Tuesday (11/13) She is talkin to all the teachers on their plan time about lessons for the smartboard. I can hardly wait to hear what happens. Keep you informed.
I am a Library Media Specialist in Kingston, New York (Hudson Valley). I am just starting to realize that I am hopelessly out of touch with what is going on in technology--even though I am only six years out of grad school. Then again, I have teachers in my building who can't even e-mail. I've just joined classroom 2.0 - at the suggestion of one of our new, tech savvy teachers. I am hoping to learn how to get started -without getting overhwelmed! I also don't want to spend hours each day on the computer.....
I'm Denise Fischer, elementary librarian as two schools in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. The schools host 4-year-old kindergarten through fourth grade. I'm starting a fourth grade wiki project with another school within our district. We're using wikispaces as the forum, as it allows us to create our own user names without the use of an email account. I"m excited to get it started! What's everyone else doing?



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