We are getting ready to implement podcasting in our district in a big way and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions, resources or ideas.

It is basically going to be a tool for administrators and and few teachers to start off with, but in hopes of it spreading district wide.

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I have been using GarageBand 4 to make enhanced podcasts. They're enhanced because I've added artwork to the audio. I would like it to open them in my blogger classroom blog account and be able to see the artwork as well as hear the audio. Blogger doesn't offer anything to assist in this area. I'll try your podbean idea.

You can post enhanced podcasts on blogger. If you open the "share" menu in garageband and then "send song to itunes" it will lead you through the steps to put your podcast in your iTunes library as an .m4v file (you can play around with the quality settings, but blogger can usually load the highest quality pretty quickly).
Then in blogger, when you add a video, browse in your iTunes library under podcasts and select the one you want. if it is in m4v format it will post as a video. In my experience garageband is far superior to podbean.

Hope this helps!
Oops! When you share an enhanced podcast to iTunes, it is actually a m4a file, not m4v (that is an iMovie file). But either way, they both upload on blogger (and other platforms) as video files.


Thanks so much for your help. I did upload it as the m4a file. What I'm having trouble with is...getting it to play on blogger. When I load it on blogger, it goes to iTunes and that opens up. I don't know how to get it to play on blogger without leaving my blog.

The podcasts you have on your website can be played right there. You never leave your site

I'm missing a step somewhere...but will continue working on it!

Thanks so much!
I didn't notice your latest reply until tonight when I clicked on your profile to inquire about a possible video conference (but that can wait until later).

I just went through the steps that I followed before to post an m4a on Blogger, and I didn't give you the correct info last time. After you select "share - send podcast to itunes" in garageband it will open a window where you can edit the playlist, artist, etc. that you want the file to be filed under. (again the size of images you select will determine the quality but also the speed of the video).

Once you have sent it to itunes, when you "add a video" in your blog post, browse to music/iTunes and locate the playlist it was saved in, rather than uploading it from your podcast folder as I stated before. This should upload it as a video and not a podcast.

I just tested it out and the video didn't connect to iTunes, but just played in blogger.

I hope this solves it! Sorry for the misdirection! (and thanks for the great comments on our website! My students will be commenting in return.)

I have been using GarageBand to make podcasts with my students. There are a lot of good video tutorials online that I've used and I find GarageBand to be very easy to use.

Hello Eric,
I have been using podcasting in my classes for several years, with my latest incarnation on my website (see my profile). I have to recommend that if you want to create effective RSS in a mac environment that you look at Podcast Maker by LemonzDream. It takes all the guesswork out of RSS. I was writing my own RSS for a long time, but this program makes it so simple! Also, Feedburner is great for tracking basic stats.
At the elementary level, visit Learning in Hand (Tony Vincent) http://learninginhand.com/podcasts.html
Good tutorials and samples.
I have been using podcasting as a classroom tool this year. It has been wonderful! I use a service called Libsyn.com which takes care of the RSS feed and hosts the podcasts. It also provides data on how people are getting the podcast - through Itunes or a direct access to Libsyn, as well as when they are getting the podcast. I produce the podcast on GarageBand and add sound effects. I then send the podcast to Itunes and Liberated Syndication, or Libsyn.com picks it up, hosts it and takes care of the RSS feed. It is really easy. I pay $5.00 a month for Libsyn to host my podcast. It is definitely worth it to me. My kids and their families have loved it. In addition, it has been a great addition to my Language Arts curriculum. Libsyn makes it easy.



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