I am a middle (and high) school science teacher. Our middle school science is an environmental science class that is in it's first year. I am also currently part of the Powerful Learning Practices (PLP) program and am starting to develop some personal learning networks. This looks like a great group of people to get involved with! I have started some 2.0 use. I have a class wiki (actually it quickly became a department wiki) and have used it as a source of class information and a place for individual and collaborative work. I know that many people are looking for ways to use/integrate the web 2.0 tools and am wondering if anyone wants to break out and actually develop a unit together. I am at a private school and can teach pretty much anything I like, but would like to be in the environmental science area. It is a seventh grade class (14 students) in Pennsylvania. We could even have two or more classes create a long term project together. I am open to any ideas and have some to bring to the table too.

I look forward to any replies.

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Hi John,
I haven't been checking in so I just saw your post. I use wikis to run projects often. We are doing a project now with some of my eigth graders and a group of 6th graders at our school. It is the science of the olympics (better late than never?) and the kids are collaborating across grade levels on research of their choice. Here is a link if you want to see what we are up to. http://extendedscience.wikispaces.com. Would some of your kids like to have a page and join us? Or, copy our format if you like. I made a template page for the kids project pages. The plan is to add new projects right to this wiki. Where in PA are you? I live in Lansdale, PA.
Jon, check out the Climate post Christy put up. Sounds like a great idea for a unit.



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