I am adding a small unit to my 8th grade curriculum this year on glaciers and ice ages.  I would like to know what your favorite activities, websites and resources are.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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NGC has a great interactive website on the Baby Mammoth found in ice a few years ago.





Thanks Rachael!!

There is a fantastic Mastodon Matrix project offered thru the Museum of the Earth where you can actually get them to send you dirt from a dig site where they discovered a mastodon at the bottom of a New York state pond.  There's a whole protocol for processing it....looking for bits of the mastodon and sending them your research results.  It's very low cost....I had them ship enough material for 160 students for less than $30.

Here are two articles I found thru the county's public library system on this era's mammoths and mastodons.

Thanks Marsha!!  Sounds really cool!



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