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Panel Topic #4: Are the formal structures of education changing because of online learning, and what roles can Web 2.0 software play in those changes?

Possible subtopics: 1. Wikipedia is the number one educational site on the web, but it is far from authoritative. (Sorry Wikipedia fans) W…

Started by Steve Hargadon

3 Dec 7, 2008
Reply by Scott

Panel Topic #1: Is Web 2.0 a good fit for education?

Possible subtopics: 1. Collaborative skills 2. Online learning 3. Differentiated instruction 4. Apprenticeship learning 5. "Proactive" edu…

Started by Steve Hargadon

11 Nov 28, 2007
Reply by Christina

Panel Topic #10: How important is equitable access to technology, and do the tools of Web 2.0 change that?

Possible subtopics: 1. What role can the business world play in making this change? 2. How web-based applications level the playing field…

Started by Steve Hargadon

2 Sep 27, 2007
Reply by Warren Apel

Panel Topic #6: How much commercialization should be allowed in the classroom and in the school?

Possible subtopics: 1. Are sites with advertising allowed? 2. Are web 2.0 tools that rely on advertising for revenue a good fit for the ed…

Started by Steve Hargadon

4 Sep 18, 2007
Reply by Qvistar

Panel Topic #5: Technology decision-making in schools: The divide between IT and the classroom, and why is it so hard to implement new technologies in education?

Possible subtopics: 1. What is the “lay of the land” with regards to who makes decisions in educational technology. How does new technolog…

Started by Steve Hargadon

7 Sep 13, 2007
Reply by GrahamH

Panel Topic #9: The training gap--professional development and rapid technological change. How do we train a huge workforce in skills that are just being understood?

Possible subtopics: 1. Letting educators themselves help to identify the needs and resources (very Web 2.0) 2. Too many new tools? How do…

Started by Steve Hargadon

4 Sep 7, 2007
Reply by Anne Fox

Panel Topic #3: Do we need to start teaching "digital citizenship?"

Possible subtopics: 1. Raising the level of the collective intelligence. What role does school and the K-12 educational process in helping…

Started by Steve Hargadon

4 Sep 5, 2007
Reply by Steve Hargadon

Panel Topic #7: The conflict between school security issues and the innovative technologies of Web 2.0

Possible subtopics: 1. Content-creation sites provide the opportunity to contribute but also platform for debasing of material 2. Security…

Started by Steve Hargadon

3 Sep 5, 2007
Reply by Steve Hargadon

Panel Topic #8: Publicly shared lives: how transparent should students lives be, and is it appropriate for students to be "clickable?"

Possible subtopics: 1. Is there an age at which this changes?

Started by Steve Hargadon

2 Sep 5, 2007
Reply by Steve Hargadon

Panel Topic #2: Is Web 2.0 significant to future student achievement, workplace skills, information literacy, and digital citizenship?

Possible subtopics: 1. The emphasis on pedagogy, as it relates to the acquisition of new skills, and how skills from the educational envir…

Started by Steve Hargadon

1 Sep 5, 2007
Reply by Pamela Livingston



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