Welcome to all of you have just joined this great group. I'm guessing many of you heard about PBL~Better with Practice at ISTE, where we had terrific turnout for both sessions.
Feel free to start a new discussion or chime in on an ongoing conversation. You'll find this to be a wonderfully helpful group, eager to share wisdom and effective strategies for making PBL successful.
For starters, how about introducing yourselves (in the comments to this post)?
Look forward to the conversation.

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Hi, Suzie.

Thanks for speaking to me the other day. So as for an introduction, I am the Online Community Manager for New Tech Network, a organization dedicated to building and promoting schools/best practices dedicated to PBL. My role will focus on helping schools understand the power of the social web to extend their projects, develop rich PD centered around PLNs and help connect the schools to the global community of educators dedicated to PBL.

Before New Tech, I did technology integration at two independent schools in the Northeast.

My passions are spreading the word on how to improve the status of education and good food.

Hi David,
Welcome to PBL~Better with Practice. This is a terrific group for brainstorming and sharing ideas. As the New Tech network starts to look outward for collaborators, you're likely to find great partners here.
Thanks for joining the conversation.
Hi. What educational software do you use ?
when teaching I first show how the students should solve a problem then I give them a similar problem ....so it is a guided PBL and later once they learn and master the schema then I give them a real PBL problem... and my firts problems contain an image and just very few words......
Hello. I am a teacher at Sacramento New Technology High School, where my partner and I do "wall-to-wall" PBL in Algebra 2 and Chemistry. I am interested in extending my own and other educators' ability to use computer applications as tools for learning.
Hi Tim,
Welcome to PBL~Better with Practice! It's great to have New Tech voices adding to this conversation.
Which apps are you finding useful for inquiry and deep learning in Algebra 2 and Chem?
There are great learning LABS in the world. PSLC is a 24 million dollar project. It has a LearnLab http://www.learnlab.org/research/papers.php One of the things they produce is a cognitive tutor which is used in almost 2000 high schools in USA. There are also other projects in Physics in USA and Canada regarding the develpment of simulations, interactive tutorials etc.
Do you use this Nelson? I checked their "about" page and LearnLab seems theoretical/experimental. They have research-tested online courses for kids?
No I dont use it but I plan to fully explore that website by October. Then I will be done with all the preparations to the entrance examination to a Doctorate on Science and Math Education.
I strongly recommend you to fully explore this PSLC project. I know they are the best (specially koedinger, his director) or very close to that. In fact it would be a great help if we could in the near future exchange informations regarding this LearnLab.
I also would recommend you to read about "Cognitive Load Theory" and "Multimedia Learning Theory". In order to elaborate an interface which will result in an efficient learning experience, one should use the guidelines generated by these Theories.

By October I will be researching how to elaborate and use an interactive tutorial in Physics
What educational software do you use ?
Hi Suzie. What educational software do you use ?
Hi Nelson,
I'm not in the classroom, but in working with teachers on professional development and collaborative projects, I've found these tools to be useful:
Wallwisher for brainstorming
Wiki or Google site for collaborative workspace
Skype for conferencing
Twitter for connecting
Delicious and Diigo for sharing resources
Flickr for sharing photos, building community around a shared interest
And--let's not forget--Ning (like CR20!) for online communities
I'm sure I'm forgetting several--these are ones I've been using lately.



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