Welcome to all of you have just joined this great group. I'm guessing many of you heard about PBL~Better with Practice at ISTE, where we had terrific turnout for both sessions.
Feel free to start a new discussion or chime in on an ongoing conversation. You'll find this to be a wonderfully helpful group, eager to share wisdom and effective strategies for making PBL successful.
For starters, how about introducing yourselves (in the comments to this post)?
Look forward to the conversation.

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Hello. I'm an assistant principal in Wichita KS currently working to start a PBL elective class. Any advice, resources, or invitations to collaborated would be appreciated :)

Hi Erich,

I'm curious about the PBL elective you mentioned. Is there a particular content focus? Technology? Or just open-ended?

Hi everyone! I teach family & consumer science as well as computer technology courses at the high school level. Our school is exploring IB and we're doing a lot with inquiry-based and project-based learning. Hoping to find some good resources here...Thanks!
My name is Tom Stanley and I am from Las Vegas, Nevada. I am currently an instructor at the Advanced Technologies Academy and have helped build an on online school in Las Vegas, Nevada. My passion is using technology to help improve th learning of my students in a project-based learning environment. What I discovered while teaching and being an online instructional designer is that you can use project-based learning in the online and blended learning envvironments. I have helped build professional development for online teacherrs/students, worked with teachers to building online classes that are interactive and project oriented, and done multiple online/realtime activities using synchronous and asynchronous tools in an online and real time environment. I am currently still teaching and am building a company to work with schools/ groups to create effective PBL projects that are local, state, national and international in scope.

Hi Tom,

Glad to see you here in the PBL~Better with Practice group! Would love to hear more about your plans for developing projects at the local to international levels.Any pilot projects underway yet? This group is a good place to find collaborators.



Hi all!  I am Terrie and I teach third grade in Michigan.  I am interested in project based learning because, as I explore some flipping of the classroom, I am discovering that some students could be done with their math by January.  That poses a new problem of what to do with those who finish early.  I need some ideas and some help with finding existing ideas and plans so that I can focus my time on creating the online lessons for my flipping.

Hi Terrie,

Welcome to the group! It sounds like you have an excellent "problem." I'm guessing that you'll be able to use projects to deepen students' understanding of the math they've been learning in your flipped classroom. Good projects will give them a chance to apply concepts to real-world situations. Look forward to hearing how you proceed.



Hello everybody,

My name is George F Bartan, I live in Elyria (OH) , I am the proud father of a 13 years old boy and I love to get involved in his education.It`s nice to join a group of enthusiast teachers who share the same passion for Project Based Learning. Check my web site, www.aviation-for-kids.com  to see some projects I have done with my son.

Presently I am working on a new project based on FLL robotics competition in which I want to connect teams of children from different countries to collaborate. So far I have got some promising feedback from East Europe (Romania) but I will welcome anybody interested to participate in such a project.



Hi, I'm Amy Sharpe.  I teach 9th grade geography, and I am moving to a new campus that is implementing full time PBL this fall.  I've done a few PBL units last year (3 during the course of the year) and I'm nervous about this coming school year.  Looking forward to learning through this site.

Hello -- I am not a K-12 educator, but run programs at the IC2 ("IC-squared") Institute at UT Austin, and I am the Principal Investigator for a project called StemDev for partners in Medellín, Colombia.  We just finished training eleven integrated secondary/university educator teams, developing live PBL projects for classrooms, using methods from the Buck Institute.  The UT Austin College of Education, Texas Regional Collaboratives, is our partner.  I am also a Ph.D. student in Learning Technologies at The University of North Texas, and I use inquiry methods in various classes I teach in other programs.  I am interested in learning the experience of others in deploying PBL in K-12 classrooms.

Hello, new to the group I am trying to learn as much as I can about the application of PBL in different educational environments - from elementary to high school, from Waldrof education to high tech schools. I am hoping to find out more in the group.



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