I've posted some of the screencast videos at the top of the page that I have made for professional development. I find that some people like these a lot and others don't find them useful. I think they are so much easier to make than written instructions. What do you think? Do you use these at all? Do you have any to share?

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I am the opposite - I prefer written instructions and that was all I created at first. But my teachers have a great variety of learning styles and I've made videos for those who prefer to hear and see how to do things. Camtasia is my tool of choice.
I thought your videos were great! They easily informed the listener in each instance. If you go to the Infinte Thinking Machine (http://www.infinitethinking.org/) and view the video segments, Chris Walsh provides both the video and the script of the video with links to sites mentioned. I think this is the most effective method because of Susan's comment on learning styles. I think more learning styles are reached.

I also have professional development courses that I will be teaching this summer. It is my hope to lure my content area teachers into the workshops by promising them content area teaching stratgies and then embed the technology deep into the strategy so one can't be learned without the other. I envision it as sneak-attack technology integration. I feel like we've got to get away from "telling" people that they will using a computer. We don't "tell" people that they will be using a pencil. Your thoughts?

I have been doing the same with my classes too. I find that if I hand out how-to's, half of them end up in the trash anyway. This way, we are created self-selected, self-paced tutorials that can be accessed while they are trying to do what we are showing. I think it's a winner.



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