I am putting together a "DV in the class" presentation for PETE&C (PA Ed Tech Expo and Conference). It will be largely for beginners looking to upload, edit and embed. I believe I have covered the basics, YouTube, TeacherTube, Splashcast.

I was hoping for input from you folks on how to make it stand out. What are your favorite videos, why? How do you use DV in the classroom? Why? What kinds of projects do you, or would you create if you had the time? How would you approach a topic like this so that all participants were challenged?

Any input will be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Ken

Here is the wiki I started to give you an idea of where I am going with this. http://ppp08.wikispaces.com/

You'll notice I am leaving the research (yawn) for last :)

P.S. What, if anything, makes you tune out of a presentation?

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Hi Ken,
We are working to collect veterans' histories on DV and submit them to the archives at the Library of Congress. (We'll also post them online at a later date.)
Here's a link to our "Teaching & Learning with Digital Video" web page with lots of links to other sites and examples of classroom use.
Good luck with your presenatation.
Thank you, I just added it to my notebook. Look forward to digging through it.
Looked through the wikispaces link. Nice!

I know when I go to a conference session that is on a topic I don't have much experience in, I want to see reasons why the time I take to learn and implement it is worth it. I also want to see plenty of examples and how similar results are actually achievable for a novice. If I don't see how it applies directly to my classroom or doesn't appear reasonable given curriculum time constraints, I'll stop listening.

This will be my first year as a (elementary) site tech integration mentor and I've just finished my Teaching & Learning/K12 Tech Integration Master's. I'd love to hear how the presentation works out as I start planning the training for my colleagues. It looks good.

Best of luck!



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