Will has some insightful things to say about the changing business of pd. He talks about how motivational speaking and evangelism fall short, and reflects on what it takes to move from ideas to action. This is going to change the business model for some on the circuit, but in the long run it will strengthen pd. Business-as-unusual

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As someone who is currently participating in one of Will and Sheryl's projects (as described in his post), I can say it's a great model so far. There are key components to making it work though. It's largely online, but utilizes the best of what's available on the Web to push an agenda about technology that transcends "cool tools."

First, we had a face-to-face kick off meeting so that everyone could meet one another start off in a similar place with a similar understanding. Second, there is an online learning community (on Ning) with tons of discussion and professional development resources (if you ask for it, you get it). There are also scheduled Web conferences with Sheryl and Will as mini keynotes throughout the year. There will also be a final closing meeting at the end of the year.

I think other things are making it work too. There is a critical mass of people in the learning community (over 100), and there are local professional development staff who are designated as Fellows to assist schools on a continual basis as things progress throughout the year.

I think it was well thought out, and look forward to seeing how things end up.
It's great to hear about this from the learner perspective. I like hearing about the key components, the f2f kickoff, shared objectives, ning group, web conferences, on-ground support, sounds like a great model. Is it being evaluated?

Jane Krauss
In our area, we are already starting to push these changes, which has been interesting. We work with a variety of of nationals, but we bring them back and build local, on-going initiatives around their visits. They come to lay the groundwork, and our consultants work in .2, .4, .6 fte positions to carry the work forward. Having been pd leader before this movement, I can honestly say that the change has been significant...and very positive.
His entry is right in line with what I've been thinking lately. I'd really like to read more in-depth discussion of the various options for creating real change (as opposed to doing workshops).

Does anyone know of books / websites / other listservs that address this issue?

Is there an authoritative source/website for each of the following topics: Learning Communities / Personal Learning Networks, Just-In-Time Learning, Coaching?

Really this is the cross-over from "PD" to organizational change. Perhaps we should be talking to the people who address this angle.

(PS-- I'm new to this ning-- is this where I should be posting this?)

Fred Tchang, ATP
RESNA Certified Assistive Technology Practitioner
Director, Assistive Technology Services



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