"If we provide schools with new technologies then teachers and students should be able to use them!"

"If teachers miss the PD after school about ..... then they will not know how to ........!"

Ahhh! I know not all school administrators think like this. I am interested to hear about new and innovative ways that schools support new technologies in their schools. Is coaching something that happens where you are?

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A great article to read is http://tiny.cc/wTzk3 Talks about the balance between technology and PD.
Thank you for sharing the Policy Brief. We have recently created our own school system and are working hard at being different. We are able to fund purchasing equipment but when the discussion for instructional technology coaches at each of our four schools come up it is not always seen as needed. I am the District Technology Integration Specialist but feel frustrated with my inability to meet the needs of all the teachers to support and guide them. We offer in school release time, after school and virtual classes.
Thanks for this comment April. It seems that this is a problem worldwide! One of the things that I have found really critical in getting peer coaching off the ground is getting the principal on board. How this is done ? I guess keeping them in loop, letting them see the results from the teachers and the students. Celebrating the successes fo the classes.

Let me know if there is anything I can help you with.



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