Think reflectively about the teaching slice that you created and presented in class. To that end, write a blog (250-300 words approx.) that responds to the following key questions:


What aspects of the lesson went well? Which aspects did not go so well? What do you think the students took away from this lesson? Are there any unanticipated consequences? How did the students interact with each other and with you? Were the objectives of the lesson achieved? What did the class and individual students learn today? Where should the lesson begin for the following class? Are there other ways to teach or re-teach this lesson or some part of it?


Watch out! In order to earn full credit for this blog, you must also leave at least two comments (50-100 words each) on your peers’ posts. Please take the time to read what they wrote – you’ll find that you often have similar reactions to the teaching experience, and can help one another a great deal through this first semester!


For personal blog: Thursday, March 22, 2018, 11:59 p.m.

For two comments: Thursday, March 29, 2018, 11:59 p.m.

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Hello Leslie,
I feel like our presentation went well. We managed to get the lesson done, and made sure everyone in class was able to participate, which is very important especially when dealing with different interaction. I feel like you spoke slower than me so I don't feel like you should worry about students understanding your language. Your slides really helped show how we understand what it means to use binding. Overall we did an awesome job.

Hi Leslie, your group presentation was focus and to the point. Utilizing a hand out that includes pictures with the vocabulary displayed in both Spanish and English serves as a point of reinforcement, and link to the student’s ability to associate and recalled the words in the lesson. There are many paths to teaching, and I believe this group provided an effective option that we can all utilizes in future lessons.
Word Count: 71

   The lesson for the class went well because it involved the standards for Foreign Language Learning and it was a topic that grasp and engaged the student’s attention. Also, the topic of the lesson was modified for the student’s level, to help them have a better understanding of the differences between music in Latin- American culture. For example, when incorporating videos and images this helped students to receive input through listening and visualization which helped the students have an idea of the Hispanic American community in New York. Some aspects in which could have improved is in the speed of how we speak Spanish in front of the class, as a native speaker of Spanish one must try to modify the way the speed for the students to have a clear and better understanding of the lesson. In addition, when asking the students questions to make sure they are understanding one should give them a demonstration and have them identify it. The students could interact when given the activity on paper to help them identify vocabulary also they were engaged and interacting when placed to work with a partner and we were walking around the classroom observing the students and asking them if they needed assistants with the assignment. The objectives of the lesson were achieved because we were able to incorporate the topic of the lesson which was culture and utilize techniques in which the students would feel comfortable learning and understand. Students could identify new vocabulary through different prompts. Overall, the lesson was could have incorporated other things such as maps to help students understand the geography of the region in which the music comes from. Also, interact with the students more instead of standing on one part of the classroom give them more input with more demonstration.

Hello Katheryn,
I believe your group presentation was very entertaining and creative. I can honestly say I enjoyed being a student and being taught by your group. The music was a nice touch to the lesson. Especially, since your group chose music that is very popular in today society. I believe your group did an awesome job at getting everyone involved and keeping everyone entertain throughout the lesson. (69)

The teaching slice was a vocabulary lesson, introduced through the cultural background.The lesson was about the importance of food in Italy and what a typical Sunday family dinner means to Italians. Vocabulary was introduced through pictures, this avoided the necessity to use English words to allow students comprehension. The use of realia is always a good expedient to introduce wrds that students ar familiar with. This was the point of force of the presentation. However, the time frame for the presentation was not enough to accomplish and finish all the tasks prepared. Hence, one of the activity prepared could not be done for lack of time.The students were able to learn typical Italian food and culinary habits of Italians who live in Italy. The students showed a lot of interest in the lesson and the partecipation was consistent during the entire lesson. The lesson's objectives were achieved, since, during one of the activity, the students were able to understand the differences among the different courses and they were also able to use the right vocabulary words to answer the questions. The next class could start from teaching other specific words that differentiate the northern and southern traditions regarding their regional food, or introducing Italian food specialties for specific Italian holidays. Doing so, it could be possible  to introduce new vocabulary words without keeping out the cultural aspects of learning a language as native speakers do. This lesson could be taught in a different way by introducing more vocabulary words and activities to better test the students' comprehensionlevel. More videos could have been added to teach the students how to place an order at a restaurant, or, more time could have been spent on each vocabulary word with the use of more examples(298).

Hello Maria, I found your lesson to be very engaging and interesting because of the way you and your partner introduced the cultural in Italy through the food and how you guys included the geography into the lesson by explaining the difference between the north and south of Italy in terms of culture. I also liked how you made the lesson challenging only speaking Italian with barely any English because like you said this helps students with the comprehension of the language. 

Maria and Mary, I like the way both of you manipulate your presentation. Your presentation had the Standards for Foreign Language Learning. The topic was very engaging and educative. The use of the pictures made the vocabulary easy to understand. The vocabulary used in the oral activity was appropriate and easy to understand. Both of you had connection with the class and were able to transmit the input of the topic.

Hello Maria, I believe Mary and you did an awesome job at teaching all of us some Italian. Your lessons are always very engaging and entertaining. You do an awesome job at making us understand what you are saying with the gestures you make. Both of you talk very slow which helps me understand and comprehend what is being taught to me. As well as, Your lessons are always pleasing to be apart of. (74)

Ciao Maria,

Mary and you presented an interesting and colorful mini lesson showing the different courses of an Italian dinner. I liked when you interacted with the students by asking them what their favorite food was. My favorite part was "dolci" or desserts, especially cannoli. And the video was helpful to understand better the context of the restaurant and the cultural aspect of the lesson. The worst enemy of teaching a lesson is time limit. You say that you wish you could have covered more vocabulary, but with the time frame  focusing in culture, it seems difficult to do. Overall I loved your mini lesson. Bravo.

(104 words)

Hello Xochitl,

Overall your presentation was excellent. You and your partner demonstrated what the topic was based on food. Your time management was excellent, it was something unexpected, but you finished your lesson, and the pupils understand what they were being taught. Something all instructors can work is pointing out the different varies that words can be said based on the country that one is visiting.

Hi Xochitl,

Your lesson was very illustrative and cultural. Your group presented in a very clear way the variety of Mexican food and the variety of the food groups of "bebidas". "comidas" and "postres". I also liked the colorful printed handouts to fill out the answers of the preferred food. Maybe you guys could have introduced a Mexican restaurant video scene to add more cultural sabor (flavor) to your lesson, and of course the objective of it. Overall I enjoyed your micro lesson. Congratulations.

(83 words)

Overall, I believe the lesson Xóchitl and I prepared went well. We tried to keep it as simple but entertaining as we possibly could. However, we did fail to include the objectives and goals of our lesson which are a major key when it comes to teaching a lesson. It was a silly mistake from our part, however, it won’t be forgotten for our future lessons. Xóchitl and I, main focused was culture, therefore, we believe that focusing on Mexican food would be the best way to represent the Mexican culture into our lesson. We also added a little grammar at the end when we taught students the common phrases that one hears when ordering at a Hispanic restaurant. One is aware that the teaching slice was short and straight to the point, however being limited to such a short amount of time, one believed it was the best approach to take. One believed that the pictures really helped the students understand what each and every dish is and the difference between the “comidas”, “bebidas” and “postres.” This means that student understood what was being taught to them and will be able to use the lesson in the near future at a Hispanic restaurant. As well as, students will be able to order a dish at any Hispanic restaurant and became familiarize with some Mexican dishes. For the near future, one will try to speak a little slower so that the students can understand me better and will try to make a lesson where students can interact as a whole. As well as, add more grammar teaching into the lesson and not forget to include the objectives and goals in the lesson. One will also make the lesson more appealing to the students eye by adding more color, more pictures, videos, and or bringing objects related to the lesson into the classroom setting. Overall, I believe these teaching slice will help us learn from our mistakes to become better educators in the near future. (334)



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