Think reflectively about the micro-teaching activity that you and your partner created and presented in class. Then, write a blog (250-300 words approx.) that responds to the following three key questions: why you found this activity interesting and strong for your class, what you would have done differently due to differentiating instruction reasons, and how you would have incorporated more culture into it.


In order to earn full credit for this blog, you must also leave at least two comments (50-100 words each) on your peers’ posts. Please take the time to read what they wrote – you’ll find that you often have similar reactions to the teaching experience, and can help one another a great deal through this first semester!



For personal blog: Tuesday, February 26, 2019, 11:59 p.m.

For two comments: Thursday, February 28, 2019, 11:59 p.m.

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Hello Geomyra,

I did not have the opportunity to see you presentation, however i read your comment and I think is very motivated the way that you integrate all the students and the students with these disabilities. I love the fact that you guys were very creative to come out to a game plan because this activity will be fun and educative for the students.

Carolina Puerta 

EDS 319

Heritage Language Students

Our micro-teaching activity had an objective and is to be able to connect Spanish-speaking students who have some knowledge in their culture. taking advantage of this cultural knowledge for the use of Spanish language and thus making the students feel not only identified, but they can speak in Spanish and share in class something that is of interest about their culture, and the other students can learn more about the different cultures. during the presentation we use projection with videos that help students identify with the use of words, we also use pictures so that students identify with their culture and so when asked to do an activity they have an idea of ​​what is expected and encourage them to use the language.
during the presentation, we had 1 student who felt not identified with the activity, since she did not know much about their culture. I would change the activity a little so that the students do not know their culture have other options and can identify with any of them. I learned through this micro-teaching that before doing an activity with students, we should know our students a little, and what I would do is make a list of the things that students know about their culture and then let each student choose among the options that are presented, for example, culture, music, history, gastronomy, etc.

finally, I think that these micro teachings help us understand that we are not only teachers to teach a curriculum, but it is also more than this. It is to be able to make a connection between the students and use their knowledge that they have about their culture and their native language for the use of Spanish in class.

Hola Carolina!

In my opinion I liked that you incorporated culture into your lesson because it helps students to expand and have an understanding of a culture they aren't accustom and those who can relate were able to identify with it. Additionally, your lesson also contributes to show different cultural aspects of different Latin American countries, just like you mention before, music, gastronomy, famous people and history. 



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