I just read an article by Susan B. Neuman in the  in the April 2010 Educational Leadership Magazine titled above.  I had to laugh b/c we can barely get what we need in NJ during the day to find funding opportunitities to provide after school enrichment for our kids.

  Neuman says that "After school programs are more than just safety nets.  They promote positive development and expand children's goals for school and beyond."

This is where we might truly engage students to find interests and solve problems for the real world they live in.

According to this article, the U.S. Congress increased funding for the federal 21st Century Community Centers after-school iniative by $35 million.....????


I am preplexed about how $ works  when we are losing valuable help during our days!

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We are actually in the process of applying for this grant. Often money from the federal government comes with very strict rules for how the moneys can be spent. I think this is done for a few reasons 1) to ensure the money is used for research based best practices, 2) keep the states from getting it and using for other purposes like tax relief 3) target it to the populations that are most at-risk, and/or 4) put it toward programs that they see will better prepare student to come out of school and positively impact the job market. For example, the Feds see a need to make schools more suited to build 21st Century skills so they send title IID money to states. This money flows through the state but has to used for tech so the state of NJ decides to create the Talent-21 grant.
So while the governor may not appreciate the needs of districts he does not have the power to take those federal monies (at least I don't think he does... but you never know).
Thanks for that perspective on it. The article makes sense when it comes to getting kids interested and I think a district like Somers Point will definitely benefit from programs like this. Especially when we find what EMPOWERS their self worth beyond the school day!



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