DEADLINE FOR MI DIARIO # 3 ENTRIES: Sunday, Nov 11 at 11:30 pm

Write a two-paragraph diary entry in Spanish following the instructions below.

Your reflections will be graded according to quantity (minimum 200-250 words each) and quality of language, as well as on their content, vocabulary, and grammar. 

- Use the word count feature in Word to make sure you meet this requirement and the spelling/ grammar check


Students also have to respond to at least one (1) classmate’s entry per blog before the subsequent entry. Each response should be between 75-100 words each.


No assignments will be accepted after the published due date/time. 


Blog #3: A cultural event related to the Hispanic community

You must attend a cultural event related to the Hispanic community. You can attend one of the cultural events on campus, or you can go to see an exposition in a museum, etc. If you are unsure if your event is appropriate, check with the professor first.

For this blog, in the FIRST PARAGRAPH, you will summarize and describe the cultural event you attended. What was it about? What was the purpose of it? Where did you go? What did you see/ hear?

In the SECOND PARAGRAPH, you will give your reaction and opinion about the event. What did you learn? What surprised you? Why? What did you enjoy (or not) about it?

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En la pelicula Bolivia vimos como Freddy a se mudo a otro pais para consegir dinero para mandar a su familia. Vimos como el muchacho en la pelicula sufria. El tenia que sobrevivir con lo poco que le pagaban. Tambia vimos como los clientes  trataban aa freddy  mal y no lo respectaban. No nadamas los clientes lo trataban mal pero tambian la policia local, lo amenasaron que si lo vian otra ves lo iban a yevar a la carcel. Al final del video vimos que freddy trataba de defender a sus companeros de trabajo y al final lo mataron. 

yo sinte que yo pude conorender un poco de lo que Freddy sintia. la rason es por que mis padres tambian esaban en la misma situacion. mis padres vinieron a los Estados Unidos para darme un mejor futuro pero tambien ellos mandaban dinero para sus familias. mis padres aves no podian entender lo que otras personas dician o tambien cuando personas no eran respectables. con el tiempo mis padres pudieron mejorar sus vidas y tambien la mia pero al final del dia yo se que ellos no van a olvidar todos los obsticulos que tenian que pasar para estar donde estamos hoy.



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