I will be beginning my second semester of blogging.  I would love to start this semester out with a rubric for their posts and comments.  Does anyone have one they can share?

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I need one too! Let's make one. We can talk about our needs and them formulate something. What do you say?
I really like this rubric.  Thanks for sharing!
I agree!  Looks like a great rubric!!!!

Hi Robin,

Link here: https://sites.google.com/site/phsedtech/home/blogs   At the bottom I have two rubrics related to blogging attached and within the body of the site there are more helpful links.  Good luck!  I hope you share what you come up with so that we can use the good stuff!!!!


Thanks so much for sharing Karen.  This is very helpful!

Found this, Robin. What do you think?





Hi Robin!

I thnik the rubric must be related to what you want from it's use.

I have one in here, for blogging related to reflectiuve learning:


It is in Spanish and it addresses 3 things:

(1) The meaning of reflection for them

(2) Conections between topics and themselves

(3) Metacognitive reflections

(if automatic translation doesn't work fine, and you are interested in those same topics, i can do a translation, I will just need time)



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