There is a lot of information on the web about student blogging.

Some of the uses that are touted for blogs include creating digital portfolios, reflective journals, and collaborating with classmates. 

What else is a blog for?

Let's share our in and out of the box uses for student blogs here.

Right now, I'm having students create an academic vocabulary glossary. For each term (e.g. metaphor, theme, etc.) they have to have a definition, an image, and an example.

What are students doing with blogs in your classroom?

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My class is trying out a blog for the first time and it is mostly the students excitedly "chatting". I've posted two questions and have hit and miss responses...
Not what I was looking for!

Hi Mr. B,


I know of a teacher who uses a microblog for his students to post questions they have while working on homework assignments. Before using a microblog he had to answer questions by email. By using a microblog it made it easier for students to ask questions and also created new learning opportunities. Before, the questions would be locked away in the email inbox where only one student can see the teacher's response, but now with the transparency of an open microblog every students can learn when the teacher responds to one student's question. It also reduced the need for the teacher to answer the same question emailed by multiple students.


The microblog really helped the students connect with the teacher, and it's usually before exams when question/communication traffic is the highest. The only complaint was that the convenience of the microblog in connecting with the teacher could sometimes cut into the teacher's own personal time...

We have had students debate over literary themes (who is the loneliest character in Of Mice and Men) using it as a forum for discussion where they learn how to use cyber ethics to respond to a statement on a blog that they either agree or disagree with and we have also had them make a statement and support it with cited research. 

At the end of February, I am going to hold a webinar on blogging with examples.

Hi Karen,


I would like to participate in your webinar. Can you please keep me updated?





Definitely.  It will be on 2/24 at 1:30 - 2:30 p.m.  I will try to post the link when I get it.  It will be my first webinar, I have all of the content planned but am hoping that the tech aspect is seamless!
What time zone would that be in?
I would like a reminder for this webinar as well. Thanks!

I am using blogging for reflective learning.

A personal space to reflect weekly on that week's topic (or previous topics if wanted) in a personal context, searching to relate it to concrete things: what does it says to my life? to my profesional development? (I am at univerity level) how is it related to something I experienced this week (read, watch or whatever).



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