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There are many certificates offered by Google that can help you to boost up your career level. There are few new certificates which will help you get experience equal to a four years degree within the time period of six months. 

The new certificates that will be offered by Google will help you to expand your career rapidly. You can secure any high paying digital jobs in a particular field with these certifications. 

You can acquire google career certifications by taking up a six months course. The programs included in these certifications are: 

  • Data Analyst
  • UX Designer
  • Project Manager

These certifications are equal to a four-year degree in a specific field. It will help you to lead a successful career with better job opportunities. If you achieve the google career certification, you will not need any college degree. 

The aim of this type of certification is to assist the Americans to acquire the necessary skills and experience in digital jobs. It will help them to get employed and get better job opportunities. 

You can take up these certifications to learn digital job skills and to improve your career level. More details on these certifications are discussed below.

Google Career Certificate Introduction

This certification is normally provided by Google. It verifies your knowledge of a particular skill. You can get access to this certification without any importance on past job experiences or the level of education. 

You have to take up the courses that are completely created by Google. These courses are easily available on Coursera. These certification courses are all available online, which ensures comfort learning. You will be able to learn advanced skills and knowledge with the help of these courses. 

The Cost of a Google Career Certification Training Courses

You will have to pay a fee of $49 each month to use the courses available for the Google Certification Training Courses. You will also receive scholarships and grants in case you require them. 

You will also get the materials and resources needed to search for the appropriate jobs. You will also be able to get the materials that you can use to prepare for the interview. 

The price of each of the courses depends on the time used to finish it. The time within which this course is normally completed is said to be around six months long on average. However, there is no fixed time duration. 

The time needed to complete the course can increase or decrease according to a person’s hard work, dedication, and investment of time. 

These courses also contain the following:

  • Project Manager: You will be able to learn the basic concepts of traditional project management and also get in-depth knowledge about agile project management. The average salary of a project manager is around $66k per year. 
  • UX Designer:  You will get the necessary knowledge of UX designs and research, developing high fidelity prototypes and examining, etc. The average salary of a UX designer is around $75k per year.
  • Data Analyst: You will be able to acquire the skills needed to use the tools accurately, process, evaluate, examine, gain insights, and visualize. 

However, the exact date of the release of these certifications is not disclosed by Google. However, it might arrive any time soon. The company announced the details about these certifications beforehand, in July. The main goal of these certifications is to offer more employment opportunities for Americans. Hence, the chances for it arriving sooner is high. 

You can also click the notify button which will alert you when the certification courses arrive. 

Job Opportunities

It might not be possible to land a job under Google for every candidate. So, there will be a lot more job opportunities available for the people who choose to take up these certifications. It is guaranteed that achieving this certification will help you to achieve better job opportunities. It also ensures a bright and better future for people without a four-year degree. It can also send your details to the top administrators if you manage to gain the certificate. 

The first and foremost step is for you to complete the course and gain the certificate. It will help you to search for a job suitable for your field of work. They, you have to finish the programs that come under these courses. You will get the chance to share your information with the higher authorities who are selecting candidates for a particular field of work. You will be able to receive numerous job opportunities. 


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