What are the best web 2.0 tools you are using to support your language teaching?

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I have been using quizlet.com for vocabulary drill and practice with great success. This past summer, the creator of the site included the function of adding images for the vocabulary terms. Every year, there are new improvements to the site. I highly recommend it.
Hello! I have found SpanishDict podcasts to be very useful as well as some of the grammar tutorials found at http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=5719D69EE7A3BF54&page=2
I just looked at these video tutorials. They look great! Thanks for the link!
I love Quizlet! We are on trimesters and are taking exams soon. I assigned each student a section of the book to make flashcards so now we have a complete set for them to study! They have now added some audio features, too.
www.lingtlanguage.com is sort of like a language lab, but the interface is more user friendly. Also, it provides a lot of opportunity for feedback. I use it for extra credit quite a bit. Also, I am looking at how to use www.voicethread.com in the classroom. It is a site (free) where one can post a picture or document and others comment on it either by video, voice, or typing. If they don't have a microphone, they can have the program call their cellphone! I am thinking either as a project that the students put together and save, or a lab where everyone has x amount of time to comment. I enjoy www.quizlet.com for vocabulary practice. I hope this helps
My department is looking into Voice Thread as well! We also use Audacity, ITunes, and Media Player for audio submissions. Audacity is like an online tape recorder. The directions are a bit specific but once the student has done it a couple of times he/she is usually fine. I teach Spanish online so am happy to hear about any audio enhancements. Do you use the free version of lingtlanguage for that extra credit?
Yeah, I just use the free account of Lingtlanguage.

Hi Mr. Hulse-  Could you give me a general idea of how you use the site?  I teach Spanish 1 (8th grade) and I'm looking to incorporate more sites and speaking opportunities for my students.  I appreciate any insight you can provide.


Hi there!
I have started using Voicethread with one my groups (as I want them to practice their speaking skills) and I am very pleased about what they can achieve with this tool (http://wildernmfl.edublogs.org) . Also, my next step is to use Voki to practice their speaking too (www.voki.com).
Lingtlanguage looks very interesting.

This web site lets you download templates for games. Some are even free. I've had good luck with the multiple choice quiz generator. It's a little quirky, but works well when you get the hang of it. I use it to review.
Here is the link for this free application.
I have been having some fun exploring a new social networking site for Spanish and English speakers called Lenguajero.com
Unfortunately, the chatrooms have been a little dicey...feeling like pickup rooms. However, there is a writing prompt of the day with authentic, fascinating responses, audiocasts on different topics from native speakers around the globe, and good resources located under the resources link. There is a teacher utility that I haven't had time yet to explore where you can track your students' participation on the site. Very interesting...



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