I am looking for teachers who are willing to collaborate in a Spanish Immersion experience by using some Web 2.0 tools.  If you're interested in collaborating, please respond.  I teach 8th grade Spanish but am willing to work with high school level students as well.



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Do you have ideas about what tools to use?

I am in Bay City, Michigan.  We have been collaborating with San Jacinto, California.

So far we have been using wikis and Collaborize Classroom.

We are definitely interested in incorporating more schools into our project.



I have used neither for collborating with classrooms but am willing to learn.  I have used wikis but not in collaboration with other schools.

I was thinking about using Voicethread.  We could post questions in Spanish, based on your unit of study, your students could reply; then your students could post questions for my students.  We could go back and forth until the end of May/beginning of June.

I'm up for either.  Let me know your thoughts and thanks for the prompt reply.


I am very interested in using Voice Thread!

I have the free version and have played with it a little.  I am not sure how the back and forth would work but am pretty savvy with technology.

We have exams March 1 & 2 then new students the following week (We do trimesters).  It would be a great time to try it out.

Thanks, Penny

Do you want to start after exams or before?

If we wanted to use Voicethread, my students could each prepare an intro with questions for your students. I would give you the names of my students and you could pair them up.  Your students would simply need to click on the student's icon to hear and respond.  When it's our turn; my students will click on your students' individual icon in order to respond.

If you didn't want to use Voicethread, I'm up for another Web 2.0 tech tool.  Let me know what you think.


I would like to use Voicethread!  I have no experience using it with students, but I have used it personally.

I just got 2 years of Voicethread with 50 accounts for students as part of a grant I received.

Sounds like a great project.  Sorry it took so long to reply...

Hi Penny,


If you want, you can send me a list of your students and we will create the first prompts.  In order to protect to privacy of the students you can send them as follows: Jennifer S., Carly M., William T., etc.

In addition, let me know what is the content that you are currently on so I can send you a sample of questions my students will be asking.  You can also add or delete any questions when I send you the draft.

I currently have two classes of Spanish I students.  I have approximately 65 students total.

Looking forward to it.


Hi Ibby,

I will definitely send you a list.

I do not have any Spanish 1 students right now, but my Spanish 2 is not as far as they should be in my opinion.  This is my first year teaching them.  They are in Chapter 5 of the Expresate textbook.  It will not hurt them at all to converse in past topics.  They have learned pastimes/sports, school items and classes, telling time, and family.  That's what I remember off the top of my head.

We are just beginning food.  Our current grammar point is stem changing verbs, the i-ie, o-ue and i-e verbs.

I will send you a list on Monday.  I have 3 Spanish 2 classes.



Sounds great.  I will most likely only be able to do two classes but send the third class and I'll see if I can personally address that class.

My students are currently learning stem-changing verbs as well and they have also learned school items and classes.  I will have my students make introductions and pose questions for your students first.

You can send me the list as an attachment to: irios@aacps.org.  Or, you can upload the file use this website.  Though, I will most likely get it faster using the irios@aacps.org e-mail.

Looking forward to it.


Bueno, i teach HS but we can find something in common right?

Hi David!  Yes, that'll work.  I am currently on spring break.  We get back the 10th of April.  I have a class of 35 students and would like to connect with one of your classes.

Let's connect at that time.  Enjoy your holiday.





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