I have two questions regarding how exam scores are viewed and published:

1. When I review the results of an exam, I find that sometimes the 1st attempt score is also published in the "Final Score" column, and sometimes not (attachment "assessment_scores.png"). What causes this?

2. If I don't modify the "1st Attempt" score in the "Results" window in some fashion, it doesn't transfer over to the "Final Score" column, and consequently, does not get "published" when I publish the results for student viewing in the grade book. I have to then go back into the Results window and copy the score over to the "Final Score" column for it to be displayed in the actual grade book.

Not sure if others have encountered these glitches, but thought I'd put them out there anyway. For what it's worth, I am viewing Haiky via Safari on a Mac running Leopard.

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Thanks for reporting this odd behavior. It seems to me that if there's only 1 attempt allowed & no pending points, the score from the 1st attempt should be recorded automatically as the "Final Score." I'll see if I can replicate what you're experiencing & will write back here if I need more details.



I was able to track down the cause of this bug & am glad to report that we launched a fix for the issue as part of version 4.1.1 tonight. Thanks again for reporting this bug & let us know if you run into any more issues by either posting on this forum, or by submitting a new request on our support website.

Marcos Wright Kuhns
I noticed that and figured you had fixed it. Of course, now I have a new bug to talk about ;), but that's a whole new thread.



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