Hi there! Next month I'm going to be leading a workshop on using blogs and wikis with adult ed learners, and I'd like to have some good examples to show. I've got a few for blogs (such as Barry Bakin's) but none for wikis. Anybody have a good example they can share with me? Thanks much in advance!

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Hi Susan, I've got some wikis too! Here's a wiki I use for my Intermediate Low ESL class to present assignments http://mrbakinsesl.pbwiki.com/ and here's a wiki that my students work on together with another class from Vermont as a collaborative project http://coasttocoast.pbwiki.com/

You can see a brief list of examples of wikis in adult education at http://webtwopointohinadulted.wikispaces.com/Wikis
The examples are taken from a variety of subject areas. You should find more than enough for your presentation!
Excellent! Thanks very much!
Ah, I've gotten behind in my Classroom20 reading. Glad Barry gave you our wiki of wikis list for adult ed, Susan. How did your workshop go? Do you have other good examples to share with us?
The workshop went very well; the response was enthusiastic and everyone had great ideas for how they could use wikis with their learners.

One of my workshop participants has started a wiki for her Learning Center site. You can see it at: http://northsideabe.pbwiki.com. I'm not sure of any others because most participants preferred to keep their wikis private.

However, you might like to check out the wiki site that I started for the workshop, which has grown considerably since then. It's at: http://adultedtech.pbwiki.com.

Another collection of adult education blogs and wikis is at Web Two Point Oh in Adult Ed. We have a page of links to blogs by adult education students, teachers and administrators, and also a page about wikis in adult ed. We use this site in our presentations on these topics to adult education staff in California.



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